Are you interested in making an extra buck referring guests to local businesses?

Personally, if it were local businesses I supported or things I believe my guests would find useful I would be be more than okay with it.

The businesses I refer our guests to, are businesses and people I believe in and therefor I’m glad to do the referring for free. I don’t need to make an extra buck to do the right thing.


@GutHend yes, that makes sense. It seems like you are implying you only make money when you do not do the right thing :grin:

I’ll leave the twisting of words to you, but I will say that I hate prices being raised because commissions need to be paid, all this while absolutely no extra service is added. I don’t consider referring guests to the restaurant that pays me the highest commission a service, that is a disservice.

I also think that my own business should make me enough money so that I don’t need an ‘extra buck’ from other people’s labour.


I was just joking. I don’t mean to twist your words.

Actually, many local businesses have a budget for marketing because they also need to get the word out to potential customers.

I agree with you that its a disservice to refer guests to local businesses you don’t believe in OR just because they offer a big commission.

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I leave a guide on the bed, amongst local tips, I recommend my mates coffee bar, “20% off if you mention Nicks Airbnb!”.
Then a couple o times a week I pop in and pay back any discounts he’s given. Chance for a chat, and he does me the favour of collecting rent from one of my properties.
Also, no-one has ever used the 20% !!!
nyah ha hahaaa!!

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