Are you in Fairfax County, Virginia?

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is soliciting feedback on legislation that would legalize but limit the use of short term rentals in the county.

They vote July 31, and we need your help!

Unfortunately, I’m new to this forum and can’t post links. Is there a messaging feature? How do I connect with you?

I suggest you find your local group in Fairfax County on fb or through networking. I would suggest that you start one up, but I suspect there is already a group in existence.
It may be hard for you to find local contacts here, since this is an international forum.
Search locally instead.

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You can pm one of the mods, there’s a little envelope under your profile pic

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Start a Closed Facebook group. That’s what we did here on Hawaii Island. Way better way to communicate and keep in touch. You can also upload files and things for the Facebook group and speak freely.

You can’t really post links here soliciting things like that, so Facebook is a much better and efficient way to fight regulation, since it is so localized and this is an international forum.


Thank you. We have a developing group and started a FB page–just trying to reach more people, and someone suggested looking for folks on this forum. Thanks.

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The current legislation would legalize short term rentals, whereas currently they are a code violation. So it’s a good thing as a whole, but obviously, we want to be regulated as little as possible.

Hi. Has a closed FB group started for Fairfax County AirBnB hosts?

Just do a search…I did and came up with this in a nano second:

I did do a search for more than a nanosecond before posting my query and did not find it.

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Yes, Citizens 4 STR has started legal action against Fairfax County. Not all hosts are in favor of this, but if you are, you’re welcome to join them.

What’s the FB group called?