Are you getting direct bookings from your own website?

If you have repeat guests or you want to avoid platform fees, you can create a direct booking website without any technical knowledge.

The prices, availability, and listing details will be synced between your website, Airbnb, and all other connected channels in real-time. You can accept online payments via credit card or PayPal and secure the reservations instantly.

If you have your own domain for your business, you can use it for your website or just go for free * subdomain.

This is a website created in minutes by Your Porter App: Zula Beach Houses in Florida

Curious about how your website would look like? Preview your website for free.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to drop a line below and the team will answer them directly.


You get commission from them?



Before everyone starts flagging this pinned post they should be aware that promotional posts by the forum owners, @Cyn and @tom2 are permitted for obvious reasons.

At least they’re not forcing us to like their spam, which I don’t.

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Understood. But they do pay for this forum from their own pockets with minimal advertising and promotion. Look at 90% of any other Airbnb host’s blog/host tips site and you appreciate this forum all the more.


Here are same examples websites created with Your Porter App and getting direct bookings with online payments. Commission free.

I always see several properties on the same page. Just wondering, is there an example of a single property using Your Porter?

@Elroko Sure, we have also many users who created their website for single property.

Please see the example below. For the websites with single listing, guests directly land on the booking page.

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Not going to lie, this is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. I may consider it at some point. I already have a sweet domain name I use to redirect to Airbnb now.

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Actually redirecting to your Airbnb listing is a fast solution, but you are offering Airbnb free money for the guests you already knew. :slight_smile:

Btw- Although the examples are on our free subdomain, it is possible to set up the website on your own domain.

So how do you handle the security deposits when you receive direct bookings? It is important for me to make sure my property does not get ruined.

Uhhh… AirBnB doesn’t really collect security deposits. When I do longer term direct bookings, I collect the deposit by sending them an invoice via Square, or by taking their card on arrival using my phone and my Square card reader.

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When you get a reservation from our direct booking website, we store the guest’s credit card in your Stripe account. We have an automated security deposit system, where we put a hold on the guest’s credit card before the check-in and release it after the check-out if no damage is made. Fully automated.