Are you aware that your Airbnb expenses can be tax deductible?

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Sorry to bother, I was wondering if you could help me post a survey?

I am an MBA student that is researching the “new economy”. Meaning, we want to understand if people are aware that with this new income, it should be treated as a micro business, they can deduct taxes, or aware whether being in business actually makes sense?

I appreciate if you could help me. We are offering a gift card as a token of appreciation.
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That surely depends on the country @amchan???

In the UK it’s not considered a business if you rent a room in your home. You don’t deduct taxes because you don’t pay any in most cases (up to around £7000 ).

Expenses can be deducted, not income.

You need to vet with a mod before posting so I am unlisting for now.

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Can you tell us a bit more about your research - where you are studying etc

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The link at the top says they are grad students at Carnegie Mellon. His name, Alberto Chan, checks out. He has a LinkedIn profile. I filled out the initial request and am awaiting a reply.

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ok great - let us know!

Yes! Sorry. We meant only US :slight_smile:

Opsss. That is what we meant. Expenses can be deducted :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble


My name is Alberto Chan, I am an MBA student at Carnegie Mellon. Please feel free to look at my LinkedIn. linkedin - amtchan87

We are currently in an entrepreneurship class which we were assigned the new economy, seeing that there are many apps out there tailoring to this segment.

We have a budget, so we are using it to thank people for the time to help us understand better the challenges of being a “new economy” entrepreneur. So, if you spare a time to have a quick chat, we will give you a $20 USD gift card. Valid only for US. Sorry.

Thank you for the help.

Alberto I replied to the link but have not been contacted. I did ask to be contacted my email first. I wanted to check to see if you are legit before giving out my phone number. I’m not just interested in participating, I’m willing to be the guinea pig for “vetting.”


Yes. Sorry. I am supposed to follow up on that this weekend. Thank you for the heads up. I love that you are going to be our guinea pig :slight_smile:


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I’ve been in touch with Mr. Chan via email and his study appears to be legitimate. If at any point this changes I’ll de-list again.

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Great work thanks @KKC

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To Forum members who are interested in this research: I spoke on the phone with Alberto Chan yesterday and received my Amazon gift card later the same day. This is a legitimate offer for US based hosts.

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