Are you a host in Paris/France renting your primary residence?

…Then I would like to speak/meet with you. I’m considering letting my apartment full-time, but I don’t speak French and the AirBnB rules are in French and complicated, I would like to pick your brain (and happily pay pour un verre ou trois) to get an oversight of the rules & regulations.

Merci en avance!

Good luck with that…

It’s 120 days per year, and the penalties are pretty harsh.

Here’s an English version of the Airbnb stuff:

Here’s the gospel:

If you don’t speak French Google translate is your friend.



Using Airbb to do long term rentals (even a 3 month one) is a really bad plan. They don’t take real security deposit, you have no references, work history, etc. from guests, and Airbnb only guarantees the first month’s payment. If the guest doesn’t have money for the following month’s rent, you’ll just be outta luck.

If you want a permanent tenant, do that the normal way- direct with the tenant, with a lease, security deposit, first and last month’s rent, etc. and all the other safeguards landlords normally use.


You can employ a local experienced host to help you understand how things work in Paris and help you set up your listing @