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Are there stats on how many guests have added us to their wish list?

I think I saw somewhere we can see this statistic but can’t find it. I have found the section where we can see the page visits, requests and bookings. However I am curious to see if anyone has added us to their wish lists.

It is on the right hand side when you view the listing under save to wish lists. My listing is showing 404 folks saved although but I can’t see who saved it.

Yep, it’s right there on your listing. Great job Carmen - we are still working our way up to 300.

Thanks Carmen and Jaquo. We are new hosts so it looks like no one has put us on the wish lists and this is probably why I can’t see anything. I wish they would!

Clyde, are you looking at a preview of your listing or the listing as a potential guest would see it? I’m not sure that the wish list stats show on the preview.

Hi Jacquo… You got it right. I was on the preview page. All sorted now. Thanks. Will need to ensure I am logged out in future to check out what the guest actually sees.

Regards, Clyde (Peter)

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