Are there any on hosts here in Lisbon please?

I ask because a previous, much loved guest, has some queries about a potential STR being extended to LTR when she moves to Lisboa in Feb/March 2018. Too long to detail now but if there is anyone in Lisbon who knows the local laws, I’d love to speak to you!

I’m not sure there are any hosts here from Lisbon - but Lisbon is in my top ten cities - I would love to be living there long term.

Hi, HANGARinn is in Lisbon. My compliments to all of you Hosts, that I love to follow, although this is only my second interaction. I’m available to help, if I can.
I’m not sure if I understand your doubt. STR (up to 30 days) has specific rules and legislation in Portugal. When the rental is for over 30 days, it definitly becomes a LTR, with its own laws and rules.

Thank you so much for coming back, and so much appreciation for your offer of help. You have confirmed what I have told my friend that I was hoping was correct. She has emailed me too in response to my earlier mail but can she contact you directly, like if she Googles HANGARinn?? My apologies but the vinho has been flowing este noite, and I need my bed! BTW, she is Portuguese American, from Madeira.

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I stayed at an Airnb in Lisbon, the hosts are very helpful.

Hi again Joan,
Yes, your friend can contact me directly and I believe she can find my direct contact through Google.
I will probably not be able to help much, but I’m always available to inform what I know, as much as to learn what I can. “See you around”

Thank you Louise for your nice appreciation of Lisbon Hosts. We enjoy meeting people and and like to help towards most pleasant stays.