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Are there any host on airbnb in NYC looking for a place to stay when they rent out their entire apartment?


Hi fellow host,
I have been a host on airbnb for a year now and I have enjoyed it very much so far.
The sharing economy is right up my ally with my extrovert personality.
I have a beautiful 2 bedroom in Astoria Queens, right by Astoria park that I though to
share with other host on airbnb. I would feel very comfortable hosting other
host with great reviews that need a place to stay when they find them self without
a home after renting their entire place.
I can sleep 8 people comfortably and have a balcony and a grill, I also have aces to
the roof, I use it for tanning and summer picnics. Its not a finished roof, but its clean
and well maintained and i’m excited to use it now that the weather is nice.
Would anyone be interested in a comfortable haven from a fellow host when they need one?
I would love to know your thoughts!


Hi Mich,

Great idea, unfortunately there’a an Atlantic ocean between my place and NY.

Could be interesting to build a new airbnb-group around this idea - something like hosts hosting hosts.

Have fun,



Thanks Martin, so you can relate right?
Having to crash somewhere when your place is rented :smile: hopefully someone near you can offer the same.


I’m confused – is there no money being exchanged, is it a trade of dates cuz paying for a place to stay would negate the money being earned by renting?


Not if it’s a very fair price only for host. 30 dollars a day for a bed.
Airline crew personal use a similar housing system, to keep housing
cost low when working outside of their home state.
I want to accommodate airbnb host only, for a low price that doesn’t
even make a dent in their earnings.


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