Are there any API offering service from PMS website?

Hi. I am trying to make PMS for my language but have problem to get API from Airbnb.
Didn’t find to connect Airbnb without API either.
If you guys have any idea for this situation, please give me any opinion.
Are there any API offering service from PMS website?

thank you.

Siteminder or Little Hotelier are the only ones offering “real time” connectivity. There are others but they only sync periodically and so you are vulnerable to double bookings. Lisa

Thanks for the tip. I will check it now

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You would not believe it but I just got this in my email today.

Not sure if my attachment will work. HotelRunner has just announced connectivity as well. AirBnB is really pushing to get in the game now. Be sure to ask if it is real time or not. Just another option to check out, Lisa

Just noticed it does say real time. Wow, this is huge - a bit surprised there is not more media info on this. We have been using siteminder since 2012 and are very happy with them but this may be worth looking into. Lisa

You’re in luck! AirGMS has recently released the first version of our AirGMS API. Since we have a native integration with Airbnb, companies that use the new AirGMS API will get the Airbnb data from us.

I send them an email but no reply.

@aaronkim84 It’s great to hear that you’re interested, though not good to hear that you’re waiting for a reply. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I have forwarded the matter to the relevant department.

I did the same thing DEAD SILENCE!

@aaronkim84, Our tech support reported that they have replied to you. Let us know if any help is needed. Thanks!

Hi @Debthecat
We didn’t really get your API request message if you sent any. Please send us a message via contact form. Thanks!

I didn’t get any reply. Where did they sent it to?

2018년 10월 19일 (금) 오후 11:31, Airbnb Property Management Software info@airhostsforum.com님이 작성:

Hi @aaronkim84, we replied to an email you’ve mentioned in the contact form of October 16th. Please check your spam folder as well and let us know if you didn’t get it.