Are Fake Listings Ruining Business?

I live in a small somewhat rural city. It’s not a popular destination for vacationers and travelers, but Airbnb bookings do seem to keep us busy with business travelers and people passing through the area - and weddings, funerals, reunions, etc. There are not many listings, and those listed range from the completely absurd to high-end B&Bs. You can count on 2 hands the number of Airbnb listings within our city. Among them appear to be some clearly bogus listings. Such as one listing that that is unfurnished and even a guest said, “You will need to bring things to cook with plates silverware cups etc.”

Has anyone else seen an increase of bogus or fake listings in their area? Should I be concerned that these listings might be driving down the perceived quality of our listing?

This isn’t a bogus or fake listing, it’s a real listing. There are some fake airbnb listings. I’ve noticed some that look fake and when you try to book the calendar isn’t available. If you see a truly fake listing you should report it using the “report this listing” flag. However having an empty house on Airbnb is not against the rules.

I haven’t noticed but we have 100s of listings. This one benefit to the way Airbnb ranks listings. Most people won’t even see the ones that never get booked because they are too low in the ranks.


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I’ve noticed that sometimes our local (real) estate agents are airbnbing renovated houses whilst they try to sell them…

How is is different than a campsite that doesn’t even have a tent. At least with an unfurnished Airbnb you have (I assume) a hot shower, indoor plumbing and a kitchen. No need to set up your campsite just bring your gear in.

I have seen listings from $10 a night to $10,000 a night, and everything in between, there is nothing standard, this is not a chain Hotel operation.

@Josiah; I think you’re “sweating small stuff”. If your photos and descriptions are well written and accurate, there is no lessening of the “perceived quality” of your listing.