Apt building fire in W London

Horrifying news of a London 24 story apt building completely consumed in flames in the middle of the night. At least 120 apts – a complete nightmare.

And owned and managed by a housing authority :frowning:

Devastating to see how quickly it went up, those poor people.

And by the way owned by not managed by the local council.

According to radio 4:

They think the new ‘fire retardant’ cladding that the building had recently been renovated with caught fire.

They had also issued advice telling people in the event of a fire to stay in their flats as their flats could withstand the fire for up to an hour, by which point they will have been rescued. Tragically this was terrible advice and the reason for a high amount of injuries and fatalities.

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This blog has been warning about the possibility of this for a long time.