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Appliance question

I have a water cooler in mine.

That’s what I was thinking. We use them in both rentals and at home. I do point out to guests that I’ve made fresh ice cubes for them. I wouldn’t use ready made ones from a tray in a rental myself.

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There are so many fun ice cube trays you can get now, too. Ones in the shape of stars, guitars, teddy bears, even “adults only” appropriate ones, whatever. I think they’d be cool to have in a rental.


I replaced the crappy plastic ice cube tray in my dorm-size fridge with small bright blue silicone trays. More fun, don’t get stained or cracked.


Hi! You wouldn’t use the made ice in a tray? Would you empty it out, clean the tray and wait for new ice?? Please clarify, Thank you

Personally I don’t like those silicone things … they seem slimy and weird and especially for baking. The ice shapes are alluring, though.

That’s exactly what I mean, yes. Because I’m sometimes pretty cynical, I wouldn’t know how long the ice had been there because I think that some hosts wouldn’t bother to replace it after every guest.

I know it’s weird but you never know about the quality of water used. (That makes me sound picky and I’m not - I’ve just heard a lot of strange stories :crazy_face: )

So I’d run the tray of cubes under the hot tap so that they’d melt and go down the drain and then start from scratch.

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When travelling, we either do that, or if a night of rum a la casa is on shortly, then simply buy a bag of ice locally. It’s rarely expensive and good insurance policy against a dodgy tummy through someone (person who filled the tray) not washing their hands properly.


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I am in the UK, but find my washing machine is used a huge amount. I know that people might come from staying somewhere else where there were no facilities for washing clothes and look at it with glee, saying they will do all their washing now they have arrived. It’s not great, as there are no drying facilities except for the line outside (and it is the UK)! I see huge amounts of washing hanging in the cottage drying - which isn’t great for a little Georgian cottage. There is no room for a tumble dryer, so I am a bit stuck.

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