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App to connect airbnb hosts for checkins


My boyfriend and I are Airbnb Superhosts. We pretty much rent out our spare bedroom on a full-time basis. Sometimes we rent the entire flat out too when we’re travelling. If we’re not around we have to schedule a third-party hosting management services to come and greet guests. This works, but it’s a pain to give out our keys and arrange it. So we’re creating an app that connects Airbnb hosts based on location. Wouldn’t it be great if a host down the street from you was available to let a guest in your property? Would anyone here be interested in using this app to connect with other hosts for the purposes of check in help? We figure that if hosts are inclined to rent out their rooms for extra cash, maybe they’ll be keen to help a neighbour with a checkin. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!


I would be interested in this!


Great idea, however it would have to be a trusted host, someone who was on the ball. Id be worried all the time in case they were late to let guest in etc lol


Got it. So like a review system and/or a verification process so we can double check that you are who you say you are, and your checkin service is good.


Great. I’ll keep you informed when we launch it!


I’d be interested in this too :slight_smile: Thanks!

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