App not displaying individual reservations

Is anyone else having trouble with the app on their phone? My inbox is there, but when I go to calendar view it just shows all the dates that are reserved as blocked, but there are no profile photos/no way to tell when one reservation starts and ends. If I click on details it’s the same thing, and it almost looks like I could “unblock” a date that already has a reservation. It looks normal on the laptop. I uninstalled and reinstalled thinking that might help but it didn’t work. :frowning:

Also the dates that have already passed in October don’t show anything.

My app looks normal.

@KKC So strange. I posted on the local FB group too and no one seems to be having that issue. I had called support, but that was before I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I guess I’ll have to call back. Thanks for double checking yours. At least it looks normal on the laptop or I’d really be freaking out. I also don’t have a turn until Sunday so that helps too.

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Apparently I’m not the only one who reported this as I received this email:

Hi Arlene,

This is Claire from Airbnb and we spoke over the phone earlier today regarding to you having an issue in viewing your reservation through the airbnb app calendar. I tried calling you back but I was routed to your voicemail.

I just want to let you know that as per checking here in my end, it appears that we have already been receiving volumes of calls from Airbnb Hosts who have experienced the same issue.

As for the mean time, we would highly suggest using the airbnb browser since we have already reported this here in our end.

I would be honest with you, there is no assurance or exact time frame as to when the issue will be fixed, but you can try checking it every now and then just to be sure. I am hoping for your kind consideration as we do our best to better our services to make everything easier for you. Thank you so much and take good care of yourself always, Arlene.

Kind regards,

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Ya right, tell that to the hosts that they ghost like @Rolf
They do their best for themselves.



@Arlene_Larsson I just looked and my app is doing this too. Thank you for the heads-up.

What kind of phone do y’all use with the app? It is working fine on my iPhone.

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I have an iphone but it is older and I don’t tend to keep it updated. However, I don’t use the app very often anyway.

I’m using an iPhone as well. It doesn’t have anything to do with the type of phone.

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@jjd Did you report this? If not, will you? The more that report maybe the higher priority it will be given. I use the app for everything and this has rendered me dead in the water. I guess I will delete it and use the browser on my phone.


@Arlene_Larsson No I haven’t. Sorry, I really don’t use the app but I see your point and am happy to report it now.

Edit to add: Reported.


@JJD Thank you so much!! I’m wondering if anyone who isn’t having problems is using version 19.44 of the app. That was pushed out 3 days ago which is right about when I started having problems.

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I’m using Version 19.44. Still no issues.

I just checked and I have version 19.19 and also my calendar looks normal on there now. Not sure what it all means but just adding to the data :slight_smile: