App functions that aren't available on desktop site

As previously discussed here, the Airbnb app has functions that the desktop site does not. From my limited understanding of how writing code for these things work, it’s because it’s easier to do it for an app, not because of any inherent biases on Airbnb’s part.

I noticed one I hadn’t seen yesterday and I don’t know if it’s new or I just hadn’t noticed it. I think it’s part of the new reservations section. It’s called “private notes,” a place where I can save a note about the guest that they can’t see. I do not see this anywhere on the desktop, certainly not near the same place as on the app. Edit: it’s right there hiding in plain sight (probably from me only) as @bigappledude has kindly pointed out.

We have also discussed how the app has the star ratings for the guest and the ability to send pics and documents in the message thread directly without using the airbnb manufactured email link.

Does anyone know any other app functions not available on the website?

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I’ve had the “Private Note” field on my desktop since I began, and often use it!

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Duh! And just like that, there it is! Right under my nose. Thanks, @bigappledude. I will edit my OP.

I too use the private notes section. I used to add the cleaner info there before I started using Turnoverbnb.

You cannot send pictures in your messages from the desktop, and you cannot edit your Check In Instructions, the one with pictures that you send as a link, from the desktop. You cannot send the Check In Link from the desktop either. Picture shows the app messaging options


I use something similar on the desktop that appears as a "private note: when you click on the date in the calendar. Quite good for also including details of guests on the AirBnB calendar who are booked from other sites and synced to block out.

Not sure if I missed it on the desktop version, but I use the “check-in instructions” on the app a lot. I modify them all the time. It’s very handy.


It doesn’t exist on the desktop. I only stumbled it across it when I was a guest, and I also now love it. However, I don’t know how to share it with guests. I tell them to download the app as there are check in instructions there that you can only see via the app.

didn’t know about this check in instructions feature either. definitely going to be exploring and integrating this too

It’s wonderful as you can upload photos and make it step by step. Park here, this is the door, this is the code, and then the last one I have is a Welcome, Please enjoy your stay sign.

The only issue is how to get it to the guests. I stayed somewhere recently that had great photographed step by step instructions of everything you needed to park and check in. I felt sorry for the host when a guest after me wrote in a review that the check in instructions weren’t clear enough. Obviously they hadn’t downloaded the app.

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This one doesn’t pertain to the difference between the app and the desktop but I only found our recently that when I update the itinerary in the directions section under the map if the guest has already made the reservation they don’t see the new information. The information they get shown is from what was written there when they made the booking. This is very annoying as I used to tell guests to refresh that page on their check in day to get any updated information. Now I have to message it to them in case they haven’t downloaded the app. I expect in the future these kinks will get sorted, surely they are not that hard to sort out.

I just had a thought, I hope this isn’t the case for the check in instructions as well? As in that they only see the check in instructions that existed when they made the reservation? As I am always changing the door code and presumed when I changed it in the app it would be updated. Does anyone know the answer?

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@Poppy, There is one way to share it on the desktop. But you have to start in the app. Tap on the Key in anybody’s message like you were going to send in the check in instructions. Then copy the link and send it to yourself somehow. Copy off of that from your desktop and then you can send a link from there.

I stopped including the code in the check in instructions. I always send that separately because unless I’m mistaken, supposedly those check in instructions get sent a couple of days before the guest is due to arrive, automatically. I don’t want them having the code early and thinking they get to check in early as a result.

But that really doesn’t answer your question does it? No I don’t know if it updates for the new guest after they booked

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Thanks so much Ava, I didn’t even know the key icon was there as I don’t often use the app to communicate with guests. I have now added the check in link to my check in messages for all my places.

I also had never seen the link in the browser before so was shocked to see that mine contained seriously conflicting information! No wonder I had a guest say some of my information was incorrect!! I hadn’t updated information under guest resources in the keypad section. The link in the browser shows the information in that section first and then follows with the photos with the notes written underneath. My poor guests!

My very grateful thanks to Ava x

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I have too many guests and too many one night guests to trust myself to get the check in instructions to them timely so like having it there as a back up.

I played around with changing info in the link and it did update. So the link updates so hopefully the notes under the photos do as well.

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