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Hi everyone
I have reticently rent a 2 bedroom apartment and wanted to rent out one of the room on airbnb to cover some of the cost. But because this apartment has 24/7 concierge so I am wondering if he/she suspicious different people coming in and out of my apartment and start asking question. Does anyone has experience and how did you get away with it. thanks!!!

Sounds like you don’t have permission from your landlord/housing body if you are worried about this. What about your local government. Do they allow short term lets?

I would imagine if you are having lots of visitors and your concierge’s are regulars, they would need to be pretty stupid, not to clock you are having lots of short term guests.

Having hosts who let their places illegally and then end up leaving guests out on the street, when their landlord evicts them, isn’t good for other hosts who do the right thing…Why would we want to ‘tell you how to get away with it’.

You are right I don’t prepare to let my landlord know but before when I lived in a house where has no concierge it wasn’t any problem at all. I assumed you are saying sub let is illegal. I don’t believe all airbnb host are the home owners. At least it’s not airbnb restriction to be a home owner to rent out any room or even the whole place. Maybe I didn’t say it quite right…instead of saying how to get away with it. I am trying to ask how do people deal with it. thanks

I don’t think this forum has many members who are not owners or who are doing airbnb without the owner’s consent. People like yourself who come looking for advice on doing this are usually disappointed in the replies they get.

I understand why you want to do airbnb but doing it in a building with a concierge is probably not going to work. When your landlord finds out he may terminate your lease and your may lose your deposit. It may also hurt your bookings as you will be telling your guests to lie to the concierge and some aren’t going to like that.

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I do have my concern hence wanted to ask advice here. I think I got your point and I will def ask my landlord consent before posting on airbnb. Thanks

  • Be sure to get the landlord’s permission in writing.
  • Get STR insurance in case anything is damaged in your home by guests
  • Also, liability insurance in the event of a guest being hurt in your apartment or elsewhere in the building
  • It might be worth looking into insurance that covers common areas such as elevators, the foyer etc. in case a guest causes damage
  • Be sure to have any local licences you might need
  • If your area needs short term renters to pay TOT, then be sure to collect and submit it
  • Understand that you might have to give the concierge a proportion of your payment in order for him to keep his mouth shut :slight_smile:
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You can’t sneak Airbnb, especially in a building like yours. It’s easy to spot. People rolling in and out, guests asking questions of the concierge. So ask permission of everyone… your landlord, your concierge, etc.

You have to have everyone on board with it to get it to work. If you are not up front you risk the very real threat of getting kicked out of your own apartment. Find another way to make some side income. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice everyone ! I will take it on board :+1:

Rent somewhere else!