Apartment / House Guidebook service for Short Term / Vacation Rentals

Airbnb Guide by Risuzah Property Services

Do you own property that you rent for short-term rentals through Airbnb?

Are your guests swamping you with questions during their stay?

With Risuzah’s home guide for short term rentals, we handle this problem for you. When your guests arrive, our service ensures that all of their important questions get answered, leaving them feeling confident and safe during their stay. Providing your guests with the information that they need in a timely and comprehensive manner can be essential for the quality of your guests’ stay. That information is exactly what Risuzah’s home guide provides - knowledge for your guests, and peace of mind for you.

Apartment / House guidebooks have become a necessity in today’s real estate market. This is even truer for short term arrangements where the guest is going to have less time to settle in, and an immediate need for all of the relevant property, and locale, information upon arrival. Risuzah can help you to provide your guests with this information. The very information that they need to feel confident and secure when staying at your property. We visit our clients, obtain all of the relevant information, and create a comprehensive apartment / house guidebook specifically designed to efficiently address all of your guests’ questions.

Risuzah’s apartment / house guidebooks provides relevant maps of the area, an in-house resident manual, a detailed guide with instructions for everything within the property, and a welcome intro on arrival to help your guests around the dwelling and the surrounding facilities. We ensure that all guidelines, any city or neighborhood tips, and emergency contacts, are ready for your guests when they arrive. With these materials available to them your guests find the answers to all of their questions right at their fingertips, making their visit with you more pleasant for the both of you.

Let Risuzah Property Services help you keep your guests happy by creating a definitive guidebook for your place and reduce unwanted guest transmissions to zero! Let us help you to make your guest feel more comfortable, and secure, during their visit - let us help you to keep your guests happy; because when your guests are happy, you’re happy!

If your property is within 40 miles of Watford, please Contact Risuzah Property Services to discuss the special Apartment / House Guidebook service for Short Term / Vacation Rentals: [Risuzah Property Services][1] www.risuzah.co.uk

If your property is located more than 40 miles of Watford or in another country, please contact us, to discuss the Skype service.

[1]: http://www.risuzah.co.uk