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Apartment Furniture - Looking for feedback from German Hosts


Dear Airhosts Community,

I am currently working on a startup, which offers a B2C home furniture rental service. We are currently active in Berlin and Frankfurt/Main.

I am wondering whether such a service might be interesting for Airbnb-Hosts, so I am looking for your feedback and input from you to create a service, which might be attractive for you all. What I would like to know is:

  • How do you normally furnish your apartments? (fleemarkets, IKEA etc.)
  • How often do you replace the furniture on average? (e.g. every 3 years)
  • Would you be interested in a furniture rental service in general? (for example with an “all-inclusive package” including setup of furniture etc.)

Thanks for your help and feedback!



I am an Austrian host.

  • We only buy used. We try to get used high quality furniture. Mostly full wood/carpenter level stuff, this lasts a lot longer. And the guest like the authenticity of the wooden furniture.
    Asian/American guests do not want Ikea filled room with white painted walls, they can have those at home.

  • Ikea/Furniture store material lasts 3-5 years, before needing replacement. When we just bought the place and need furniture we used this. The full wood/carpenter furniture when maintained well, can go for up to 50 years.

  • I would be interested, but I do not think you can match my current price/performance level. Also I do not like German style furniture.

I have added 2 examples.
The first one is the style/quality we search for on facebook, ebay and other used goods markets. (We bought the same one last week used for €150)

The second one is “german style” furniture store stuff, that last 3 - 5 years until it needs replacing.
(The seats need replacement first).

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Hi Chris,
Thanks for your answer!
At the moment we offer mostly Scandinavian or modern style furniture. Let me give you an example:

This table (105cm diameter) + 4 chairs would cost as follows:

https:// roomovo. com/ shop/pakete/esszimmer-skandi/ (Sorry I couldn’t post Links or Images, since I’m a new member, so just remove the additional spaces :slight_smile: )

  • 12 months duration: 34€/month
  • 24 months duration: 20€/month (currently not offered yet in our store)
  • 36 months duration: 16€/month (currently not offered yet in our store)

All prices are including delivery and setup of the furniture and you can swap the furniture for free after the duration.

Would something like that be attractive for you? I’m happy to discuss!



Hi @Phil_Sam

You can’t post links and images as a new poster. This is to stop people joining the forum purely to promote their products or services.

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Ok, I see! Thanks for the info!


Unfortunately your site is giving 504 Gateway Timeout error

But I would be most interested in Beds: Boxspring and wallbeds.


This is a forum for hosts, not for spammers and advertisers.

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This is not about advertising or spamming, it’s about market research. How should you create a product for a customer group without speaking to the customer?
I was asked for a pricing example, so I gave one.


There where some updates performed on our website yesterday, it’s now live again.
For our ordinary B2C clients we also offer some boxspring beds.
Besides beds, are there are furniture categories you, as a host, would be interested in?


Hi @Phil_Sam

You can private message @Chris if you want to talk to him about his requirements


I quite like the idea. I was first quite sceptical but your business model is quite attractive: -30% rent after 12 months and the best part for me is the option to buy with all rent going towards the purchase. It sounds very risk free. I would consider doing it. The furniture is nice too, good luck.

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