Apartment for 2 but 3 guests staying

Dear Hosts,

My apartment is listed for 2 persons and I have a reservation request for 2 guests, for 4 nights stay from the 1st - 5th December. In reality there will be 3 guests staying as follows.

Guest 1 is staying for 4 nights, 1st - 5th
Guest 2 is staying for 2 nights, 1st - 3rd
Guest 3 is staying for 2 nights, 3rd - 5th

I have no problem with this arrangement from my end. My question is, would you alter the reservation to list 3 guests on the booking?


It’s nothing important, I am just asking to see what other hosts would think is the correct procedure.

No need to alter the booking IF there will be just 2 in the place on any night.

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I don’t know, this is an odd situation. I would maybe consider it two guests but actually, it will mean three sets of towels, possibly more bed linens, etc. Is one person going to sleep in the bed where the other person departed? I’d tell them that they’d have to book for three, but that’s just me.