Anyone using Zendesk to communicate Airbnb guest?

Subject title "Inquiry at"and "Reservation at"can be replied by any mailing service such as Gmail. But once using Zendesk, which is connected Gmail, the message I want to send to Inquiry at or Reservation at can not be delivered.

I really want to try to use zendesk to manage all inquiry from Airbnb or any other OTAs.
Does anyone know how to reply message via Zendesk?

I guess you can try to connect Airbnb and Zendesk via Zapier if I understand your question correctly.
Here is the link that might help you:
If you want to optimize communication with your guests on Airbnb I would recommend you our AirGMS tool. You’ll have all your chats in one place without the need to log in and out to your different Airbnb accounts. Auto messaging and ready templates are also there for you. You might want to try booking a demo.

Don’t you think if you are recommending a product, you should declare you work for the company…or better still not use a forum for hosts as an opportunity to promote your services when it isn’t relevant to the OPs question.

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I thought that having a logo on the profile makes it obvious that I represent the company. My understanding was that our service might be relevant if you are looking for messaging with guests solution. Note, that I first sent the link that might help with Zendesk and then recommended the alternative. Sorry if I got your question wrong.

I am not the OP, just a forum regular, who doesn’t think it’s appropriate in a forum for hosts, for commercial services to promote their service at every opportunity.

The OP asked ‘Does anyone know how to reply message via Zendesk?’. He didn’t ask ‘does anyone know about other messaging services I can use?’

As a long time forum member and a moderator, if someone asks a question and the appropriate response is a product I really don’t mind. I think it is an appropriate use of the forum. I WANT to know if there are products that help me be a better host. It is all context. If someone is abusing this forum that’s one thing, but the sharing of information and services is partly what the forum is about.

By the way, Airbnb uses Zendesk themselves. It was exposed for a brief time - I think the url was and that was quite enlightening. :wink:

My one comment about that is that a host should NOT have different Airbnb accounts - I find that a questionable practice to begin although it is hard to police.

Given the context that I have used ZenDesk, I actually consider it a fairly expensive solution for a small AirBNB income stream. ZenDesk is used by much larger corporations and non-profits to manage a large ticket system. Again, the times that I have had access to ZenDesk has been primarily as a big tracking system, a job it does quite well.

It just feels like “too much” for a messaging system for guests. It is possible that they have a lighter weight product that could serve someone well.

I agree. But in this context AirGMS does seem to be trying to be helpful. Perhaps if you flag any posts you find objectionable and one of the moderators will take another look. If the post remains you’ll know that we decided it wasn’t over the line.

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Thanks @KKC

I agree the first part was helpful. The second a straight forward plug for their business.

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