Anyone using UVC LIGHTS for sanitation?

Anyone had experience using UVC light for sanitizing upholstery, etc.? We have two, one that uses ozone, which is supposed to penetrate upholstery. We were hoping it would allow us to not have to wash the comforter between guests, because we have quite a few 1-3 night reservations, and they won’t hold up long at that rate. Just getting back to business after being closed since March 2020, and there’s a lot to sort out, isn’t there?

We always had at least two of everything (comforters, linens, pillows, throws, towels, etc).
A new Guest would get a “previously laundered and stored version”. Not something “freshly treated”. We had same day bookings, and back-to-back bookings. So, this allowed fast turnovers and less wear per item.

Buy thinner/easier to wash bedding. Everything needs to be washed every time.


Thanks for your reply, Jefferson. We do have two, duvets both, and always washed them every few bookings, but every time is going to mean they’ll be shabby sooner, necessitating replacing them sooner. Such is life with covid, I guess.

Thanks for your reply, RiverRock. We live in a very cold climate, and 3/4 of the year we use heavy comforters with duvet covers. I guess, as I said to Jefferson, we’re just going to have to get used to buying covers more often. I am still interested in whether anyone is using UVC light or ozone to sanitize rooms, surfaces, etc. It takes a bit of research to use them correctly, but they seem like a good idea, done right.

Im not opposed to the UV light for hard surfaces, but as a guest I would rather have a cleanly washed cover. I have on occasion done triple sheeting when I’m in a crunch rather than a duvet. strong text

I think it’s best to have extras of everything so you can provide fresh clean linen for each guest and launder the used linens at your leisure. This will also help with wear and tear if you have multiple sets so you’re not washing the same set every three days.

I agree with washing. Also a sanitizing device isn’t going to remove dander, hair or stains. Just raise your prices a dollar or two per night to pay for new duvets. Also look on ebay for good quality duvets cheaper. I found a cover I like at Pottery Barn and paid full price but with a gift certificate I had. Then I found the same cover for one third the price on ebay and bought it as a back up.


Zulily website has limited time clearance type pricing. I’ve purchased several sets of 100% cotton sheets & nice quilts at great prices. They don’t have everything all the time. But it’s worth a quick look when you are in the market.