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Anyone used Host guarantee?


Hey peeps, I found my stove top is cracked the other day and it’s likely a result of an airbnb guest since I don’t cook. Problem is, it’s likely an accident from them too because I haven’t had any crazy partying guests. Worst part is the crack is small and I just noticed it, and can’t really pin it against any specific guest.

Anyone has any recommendations on how to deal with airbnb on their insurance?


You have to submit a claim within 48 hours. So you’d have to know right when the damage occurred.


Yup, has to be within 48 hours…they make you upload pics, proof and quotes of how much to fix or similar online item. Then you confront the guest who usually always says “I didn’t do it.” Then Air looks at it and makes a judgment. You might be out of pocket on this one.


I’m sorry to tell you - but you’ll never see a dime. We just had a very similar incident and I just posted about it here:

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