Anyone used Guesty?

I’m considering signing up for Guesty to help manage my bookings so I don’t have to be attached to the phone 24/7. Has anyone used this service? Thoughts? Alternatives? Thanks!

No, but how interesting.


Kelly, my experience has been REALLY BAD. Like a 1 of 10 (10 max) bad

I REALLY REALLY want it to work … but after > 2 weeks of TRYING to get the service set up, I’m essentially at the beginning.

They have GREAT POTENTIAL - and have partnered with a few DOZEN websites which provide AirBnB type services …

But at the end of the day, there system is poorly designed and has a DOZEN critical bugs (or more - of which about 12 I’ve sent extensive documenting emails and screenshots)

They operate out of Israel, so Saturday is a day off … and they STRANGELY DO NOT have a telephone number NOR online CHAT functionality.

I’ll give them 5 more days to figure out how to help me get my sites hooked up. . . . but that’s it (I really want to link to … and Guesty has a ‘secret’ partnership with them (they don’t advertise it on either site … and I really want to use that service

Hope that helps

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by the way, guesty is

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used guesty for a full year and decided to quit as i was spending so much time complaining to them and their response time is very slow if they respond

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What were you complaining to them about @viznou? I’m just curious what the issues with them specifically have been. When you canceled, did you have to pay the fee on all of your bookings into the future? That sucks. Have you found any sort of alternative? This is really a bummer as I am needing help with my listings and Guesty seems to be the only option I can find. Sounds like you’re having that issue as well, @parkerfairfield

Yeah, @viznou

Would you tell us about what you considered – and what you’re doing now?

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@parkerfairfield have you looked into Pillow?

I am going with they have great reviews give 24/7 hour around the clock attention and if you have a big enough portfolio they give you a free trial.

The tech side is great I had a demo just today…i actually put a post on here to see if anyone else had heard of them. There market is mainly in Amsterdam they are branching out so haven’t made an impact name wise yet.

They also incorporate Price labs which itself is worth 25eurs into the package. Def worth checking them out I will report back how our trial goes.


Try we are going with them after extensive research 24/7 around the clock great techinical setup partnered with all the main websites .

We are getting a free trial if you have a big enough portfolio thats is.…as below who we have chosen we have 10 properties.

Sorry full website is This is whom we have chosen.


Kelly, No. Haven’t heard of Pillow …

If you wanna, I’m a bit of a SOCIALIST/ANARCHIST … I’ve started a list for ALL to see/contribute ideas to at

I’ll look at it. (Are you affiliated with them? Employed by them?)

I am only interested in those that can provide me with CALENDAR SYNC as an option …

if you’ve time to reply back letting us know, that’s great. Else I’ll look tonight when I’m not on my lunch break (I live in China)



Yes they sync the calendar with all the partners. No I am not employed by them I am new to them myself. However they do have an affiliate programme but it’s not much so I am just sharing this to other hosts as I was impressed and had looked at Guesty etc.


If you need only calendar synch, I think you should look hostaway (not affiliated, not relation to them). If you want more than that, they are other providers

Hi Caroline thanks so much for mentioning our service, i am the CEO of BookingTeam and would like to add to this post a bit more information.

In fact we do offer discounts and trials but just for those with more then 10 properties, however our service is very good which is why you can stop any time no questions asked.

Currently we are expanding to other cities as the BookingTeam concept is quite new and we currently have hosts just in NYC, Amsterdam and a handful of other places worldwide.

Pretty much with BookingTeam you keep control, you have the best technology instantly and your own personal team 24/7. Collaborating is easy thanks to our smart collaboration platform.

At your properties will be added to the mayor booking sites, with 24/7 quality guest attention and always the right price thanks to Pricelabs integration.

Our hosts see an increase of around 30% while saving loads of time and without any hassle or learning curves paying just 2.5% plus the subscription of 25 each month per unit.

Try us out we made it to be as convenient as possible and if you like it spread the word to your friends :slight_smile:

smartbnb.or is really nice for automated messages priced correctly

posted in error :frowning: :slight_smile:

Go check it out at :wink: To the best of my knowledge, we are the only solution on the market that

  • can send native Airbnb messages,
  • can automate everything from inquiry to review
  • offer the greatest flexibility (so you can send different messages depending on the duration of the booking, and/or the property)
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