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Anyone use the neat scanner or simplest way to separate expenses?

For example Walmart and Sam’s club online both have minimum shipping requirements. So let’s say I am at the Walmart site and I purchase a replacement airbed for the rental AND I also need a new lamp shade for my personal residence. So instead of placing two orders and having to pay for shipping - I decide to combine the two so that I get free shipping.

Any idea if the neat scanner or something similar separates that stuff out AND automatically includes the tax?

Another example: I am at Walmart and buy some food gifts for my guests and rental supplies. There are different tax rates for prepared foods (bakery muffins) vs. bottle of wine (alcohol tax) vs. a box of cereal (standard food tax) vs. detergent (regular sales tax). Would the neat scanner know the different tax rates?

How do you all keep records of cleaning supplies, food, alcohol, etc. with the appropriate tax rates?

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