Anyone tried 4 day stay minimum?

I have a three day minimum that has worked out fairly well for me I’m thinking of upping it to a four-day stay so I only have to clean the room once a week yet make that extra income instead of a three day has anyone tried a four-day stay minimum and is it a lot more difficult to get bookings?

I have everything. 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 day minimum.
All depends on the season and amount of bookings I have.

You have to play around a bit. High season are 7 day minimum only. Low season we try to get 3 day minimum if we are booked and get too busy, we switch the remaining rooms to 4 minimum. (We do not want to burn up our cleaners).

2 nights is the real minimum, we leave the breadcrumbs for the competition. :smiling_imp:


Thankyou Chris, that is helpful.Never thought about doing a 7 day minimum in the summer!But thats a great idea since summer is so easy to book.

I do 3 nights off season. In the height of the season I actually do 5 nights. It’s worked well. I was quickly burning out doing the three nighters.

Yes start with longer stays.
You can always lower the minumum.

You should put in next summer now for min 7 now and be patient. You can always drop back 1 month before.

@Chris, how do you control for check-in day for your week stays during the high season? I have a place I plan to rent Friday-Friday in the summer (or possibly Sunday-Sunday) but am unsure how to make it so that Fridays are the only available check-in date.

You can do this by creating a “ruleset” in your calendar overview.