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Anyone notice Airbnb's latest "improvement"?

Tonight exactly 12 hours after my guest checked out I received the usual Airbnb “ding” and I got excited maybe I got a new booking. Instead it was a reminder to write a review for my guest that checked out this morning. I ignored it cause I usually wait 3 days. Anyway, a few minutes later I got another ding to tell me my guest wrote her review! I assume she got the same reminder on her phone the same time I got mine. I had a great time with this guest so I’m not worried about the review but this might put a dent in the plan of those hosts whose plan is to wait til the very last minute to review not so great guests. Airbnb is making an effort to remind all guests to review hosts!

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I noticed this happening for the last 2 days but aassumed it was just a temporary bug that they’d soon fix. I have a 12pm checkout and airbnb now sends me the first review reminder at 9am on checkout day, at which time most of my guests are yet to checked out! Hoping it goes back to how it was earlier. But now that I think about it, I wonder if the intention behind the change is to streamline review time to exactly 14 days from check-out day.

I don’t mind the ding but I don’t appreciate getting them in the middle of the night. I also have that hope it is a reservation request only to be disappointed.


Yes happened to us too!! We got 1 every hour for about 3 hours, I wanted to kill ABB.

I put my phone on silent mate, either way the review request always come in at 3am for me. Is it the same with you?

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We got them at 12, 1, and 2… I typically leave my phone on DND but some reason didn’t last night.

Is that for the same person or different reviews?

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I’m not putting my phone on silent for several reasons. I don’t think the review notification is always at the same time.

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3 different reviews… We had all three of our listings have checkouts yesterday.

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I got the chime on my iPad announcing that Guest has left a review as well. Normally the ABB chime doesn’t wake me up. But I only want to hear the damn chime when there’s an inquiry or request and even that can wait until the morning. There should be a way to set that to turn off the mobile chime.


Speaking of ‘improvements’ did anyone see this… its for Vacation Rental Managers and will pay out bookings up to 60 days in advance based on cancellation policy…Thoughts?

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