Anyone in the Monterey, CA area that wants to Co-host for a remote host?

I was chatting with a woman in at my pottery studio and she mentioned that they just bought a 3 bedroom home in Monterey and want to do STR. She has the license but is a total newbie.

Originally her son who lives nearby was going to do it but he’s become too busy. She said that they will probably hire a Management company but I said I would ask folks in the forum if anyone was interested in being a local Co-Host.

Anyone interested?

Hi @Lynick4442

She could post on her local Monterey host forum.

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She is a total newbie and I’m not even sure she would understand how to find a local forum. Would it be on Facebook?

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Probably on FB. Sometimes on Meet Up . Here you go Monterey and SLO Area Airbnb Host Community | Facebook