Anyone host only long term rentals?

Wondering if anybody house for a minimum of 30 days. The advantage would be that your homeowners insurance would cover the renter also I am looking to possibly moving out of state and would like to do longer-term rentals so I can travel. If anyone does long-term Airbnb rentals I would like to hear from your experience and whether or not you have huge gaps in your calendar.

I meant to ask if anybody rents their Airbnb for a minimum of 30 days only?

Too many legal hassles trying to do LTRs, especially through AirBnb; this is a Short Term Rental platform and it’s good at what it does.


You are full of questions this week!

Why? AirBNB doesn’t allow you to do any background checks, get a real deposit, sign a real lease. Short term by the month… I would do something totally different and not use AirBNB for longer term rentals.


I am already a landlord for long-term rentals but they are unfurnished .just wondering if there is a demand for burnished short term rentals, and then maybe charging twice as much rent.

I meant to say Furnished!:roll_eyes:

Mine are furnished. My target market is university students, many of which are international and happy to get a place all ready to go.

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In the UK it’s common to find long term furnished lets. I agree with others why not just look at a standard long term rental under a proper contract, with a deposit, references from previous landlords, credit check etc.

If you want to check long term airbnb lets in your area - do a search. No point asking others as they are likely to live in other areas and won’t be comparable.

How many airbnb’s in your area only do long term lets. What do they charge? How booked up are they?

Of course there is, but I would do corporate housing for such stays. Every area has at least one specialist that does this type of thing. I just don’t think AirBNB with its current structure is the way to do this.


I don’t know where you are located but I’m in Boston and almost all my bookings are for 30 days or more. Mostly “or more”. Housing is very expensive and my rates are designed for the long term booking. I like how it works out.

@duanemitchell. Hi neighbor. Do you have a self-catered apartment in Boston or a room in your own home?

Given the tenant laws in MA, I have been extremely hesitant to rent long term on AirBNB. I am interested in hearing more about your experiences.

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I did not set out to host long term. I should say that I don’t rent, I host. The guest does not own anything. They are guests in MY house.

The hotel and housing prices have pushed people to me. The rates for both are astronomical. I rent two rooms in my home. And I work from home so I am always here. Boston is such a boom town that people are coming here from all over the world. I get people who are relocating here, people who are here to work, and people here for educational opportunities. I try to find out why the person is coming and where they have to go to. Sometimes my place is not a good choice and I tell them so. All in all I couldn’t be happier with the experience.

Looks like that has worked out very well for you. I know I could never live with strangers in my house it’s hard enough for me to live with two dogs and a husband.yes the whole rental issue, it’s incredible here in California rents are through the roof. I’m so glad I bought all my properties years ago because if I had the rent I don’t think I could afford to .houses in my area start at about 2500 a month.