Anyone have to deal with gunfire during hunting season?

We live in a popular spot for duck hunting. Come mid October to January, there will be lots of shotgun blasts that start at the crack of early and last for a couple of hours. Those blasts will be close to the house, so it’ll be LOUD, but not dangerous at all. That timeframe is also prime surfing season and we are minutes away from two beaches that surfers from all over the word come to experience. On the bright side, hunting season also means the birdwatching in our area will be spectacular. Two good reasons to keep hosting during hunting season! Looking for ideas to manage the gunfire side of things. Is there a way to turn it into a positive?

It sounds like you already did! Post all of what you said in your listing. Keep a positive spin on it and act like it’s no big deal when they mention it.

I once stayed at a B&B that was on a hill above a train track and a tunnel. I guess the trains have to blast their horns when coming through a tunnel. Seeing as our room was above the track and exit of the tunnel, the blasting went on ALL NIGHT. I hated it!! In the morning at breakfast, though, one guest was talking about how it was so awesome and made him think of a peaceful country song - the host just blew it off like no big deal. So - you just can never tell!! Just act like it’s a wonderful part of the amazing surfing and birding.

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Making train horns sound romantic is a real skill lol! I’m amazed :smile:

Our first autumn here, I awoke to those shotgun blasts and hit the floor. I crawled around my house peeking through windows, completed freaked out, with my husband tailing me trying to explain how shotguns work (loud but don’t have a lot of range). This of course is how I envision my guests waking up to it on their first morning. Crawling out to their car and speeding away, then telling Airbnb we put them in an unsafe situation. Will including gunfire in our listing description and even explaining it when they arrive be enough? Or am I risking bad reviews or even getting de-listed?

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Yes, I thought so, too - he was talking about the nice ‘country music’ sound and I’m sitting there seething thinking “MORE LIKE AC/DC!!!”. But it’s a good story. Interesting fact, this is also the b&b where the host had put GLASS DOORS on the bedroom AND the bathroom. It wasn’t ensuite - there was a type of ‘foyer’ between the bed and bathroom. The front of the foyer was a huge picture window, past which everyone must walk to get to the main door if the inn. So people would be walking past our area, which had glass doors. Also, there was a door, that didn’t lock, between the guest common area and our little ‘suite’. A guest could mistakenly open that door and be staring right AT OUR BED!!! Holy Cow! The host was stunned that we asked for extra sheets to use as curtains to cover the doors.

Anyway, @SuiteRetreat, I do understand your worries. However if it’s clear in the listing, Airbnb will see that. Also, when they book, confirm in the messaging. You can even ask them ‘Please reply that you understand that during your stay you may hear shots…they are part of the unique beauty of visiting this area at this time of year’. Then review that with them verbally when they arrive. Hopefully, most people attracted to your area will have an understand that hunting happens.

And to quote from a Daffy Duck cartoon “Duck - my faaaavorite vegetable!”

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Yes you are right. I need to follow a logical set of steps to prepare guests and using the messaging system will prove that I’ve done that. I love the line: [quote=“dcmooney, post:4, topic:6869”]
they are part of the unique beauty of visiting this area at this time of year

May I use it? :blush: Let’s see if I can pull off making gunfire romantic.

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Yes! Please do! To bad I don’t know the name of that other guests - I’m sure he would love it!

Where are you, btw? Surfing, duck-hunting and birding at one time?

Sending you a PM!

Is this gun firing likely to happen every day of hunting season, or just some of the days? Don’t surfers get up at the crack of dawn? If so, it would be good if you could book ALL surfers and they will never know the difference :smile:

Well Sundays are supposed to be a non-hunting day, but we’re very rural and hunters don’t always follow the rules. The bird watchers will have to wear blaze orange on any given day, if they are on a marsh or in the woods. I didn’t host last autumn so I don’t know what time surfers get up (or what time they go to bed). This is a new breed of guest that I haven’t encountered yet. During hurricane season the ocean is turbulent all day long, so in theory, the could head out any time.

Ok, when I first read your post, I thought who the heck would be out bird watching when there are shotgun blasts occurring? I’m not familiar with hunting but birdwatching here usually takes place in protected rainforest refuges.

Yes, full disclosure is key, because you will be getting lots of guests who are scared to death of this sound if they aren’t familiar. You must say something because it could be a good reason for guests to refuse to stay…

Here it’s all about migration. At that time of year we get several species of birds making their way through the area on their way to warmer climes. The hunters are only going for the ducks though. Our area in particular gets the most unsual of species due to our proximity to salt marshes…which is also where the ducks are :worried: I should probably contact an audubon society here and get some advice.

Poor ducks. Who needs to do that. Get a thrill out killing live things. There I said it. :frowning:

I know…it’s not an easy subject. I struggle with hunting season every year.

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We don’t have a lot of hunting close by but we do have air cannon shotgun blasts in nearby vineyards…as grapes ripen, the birds move in, and the shotgun blasts supposedly frighten them off.

No one has complained about it but if you’re outdoors during harvest season, you can hear them.

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From the “I’m a hack” department, you could always market to hunters. :frowning: if you can’t beat em join em?

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My husband would be a great host for hunters, but they have needs that we’re not set up for. They’re better off in camps where they can be dirty, store their gear, clean birds, swill Scotch, etc. And since I’m the one actually hosting, I would prefer birdwatchers and surfers :slight_smile: I need to be able to make conversation with my guests without cringing. lol!

Or without ducking, no punt intended. :wink:


That’s right!!! They aren’t going to be worrying about duvet cover versus top sheet… :smile:


Plenty of people think guns, gunfire, and that acrid burned smell are wonderful. I think if you are upfront about it you’ll be fine. However people who are bird watching might not care for the sound. I look forward to your fall report on what happens.

Maybe you could add some images like this to your listing?


LOL!! This is great K9…the wedding dress shot had me doubled over. And lots of couples do hunt together!

I will certainly provide a report in the fall. I’m planning on updating my listing completely come Sept 1 so I can focus on all the benefits of that season. I will likely be asking for opinions once it’s done :blush: