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Anyone from Ireland? How is hosting with you?


I’d love to know anyone from Ireland running as AirBnB host…are you enjoying it?

I have been doing it since April last year so far so good but of course I get the odd guests who were a mess which was to be expected or lovely guests who would come back again.

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Hiya fellow country person, am in Ireland hosting. Started at the end of May and going good so far. Am based in Dublin

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I’m English but my favourite ever guests were from Ireland :slight_smile:

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Have to agree with you on that one Jaquo:grin: we are normally a nice bunch of people. No UK guests here yet but am a newbie to Airbnb.

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This forum is like a hosting degree course. You’ll get loads of great advice. Have a good look around :slight_smile:

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Am at the diploma stage now, spent way too many hours reading posts. You get a good feel of posters and issues faced by hosts. Thankfully nothing major yet , some interesting guests so far

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Hiya, I’m a host in Dublin. I’ve been hosting since June of last year and have been hosting back to back pretty much since I started. We’ve had over 70 guests from every continent and I can honestly say I’ve only had about 5/6 guests that I wouldn’t like to have back. Amazing views all around so far :slight_smile: Have just joined this forum today and I wish I’d found it sooner, some amazing tips!


Hey Maggy, am in Dublin as well, a newbie, just started at the end of may and just joined up here a few days ago, great reading and tips from all over the world

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I’ve just started this weekend. So far so good. Two arrived yesterday and staying till tomorrow. 6 arrived today for one night. I’ve four rooms to let. Are you busy with Beyoncé tonight. Hotels were charging €300 for tonight. So far so good. Glad I found this site yesterday tho. Will be good to see how others are doing things. Is it correct that I’ve to hand over 50% to the tax man :see_no_evil:


50% doe not sound right at all but yes check with your follow countrymen/women :slight_smile: we don’t pay that much in England


So, my mother has asked me twice to take a trip to Ireland with her sometime in the next year or two. She went on one of those organized bus tours of Ireland/Scotland last year and loved it, but says now she would prefer to stay put in one spot for her next trip and and even though she has in the past said she would never stay in an ABB, she is willing to do so to get me to go with her!
So, if you Irish Hosts want to PM me your listing, I’d be very grateful!

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Be sure to keep ALL your receipts to offset against tax!

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50% can’t be right. It says income tax is either 20 or 40%.


Hopefully it’ll be under 50 so. I’m on a higher tax band so I’ll get stung for the 40% I’d say.
Is it better to wait for them to come to you or to declare it. I’ll keep all receipts etc so hopefully claim against them for tax. Pity I pay the house cleaner in cash otherwise I could claim that too. That the decision made to get sheets laundered so. Thanks. Yvonne.



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In the UK we do a self assessment tax return after the tax year is over in April. You probably have something similar. Here the first £11000 doesn’t get taxed. But I saw in Ireland it’s from €0. Which kinda sucks. :frowning:


I think in Ireland you can earn up to 8 or 12k can’t remember which on long term rental. They don’t class Airbnb as long term rental tho so I’m stuff paying tax from the start. Nightmare I know. Need to call a friend who’s a tax advisor I think. Thought this would be easy money for a holiday but no. Can understand now why there’s so few listings around me. Thanks Paul. Y

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Normally? I’m UK based but have lived in Ireland and i have to say Irish people are incredibly friendly!!

Next time i visit, I’ll probably do an Airbnb stay instead of a hotel.


4 years hosting in Ireland and yes you pay tax on all Airbnb income. Airbnb have to notify revenue of all hosts name and addresses and income earned. If any of your guests are over one month they ate considered long term therefore classed under rent a room scheme othet than that all income has to be declared


Hi lovely to see you on board.
You pay 50% tax if your income is higher plus don’t forget prsi and the hated usc that adds up to 50%. Your accountant should help you and keep all receipts of expenses you paid.

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