Anyone else worried that Airbnb's terrible customer service will put off potential guests?

So I know we usually complain about how Airbnb doesn’t do this or that for us as hosts but whenever I visit the Airbnb fb page it’s just one nightmare guest complaint after another. And NO ONE can reach customer service without waiting on the phone for an hour. I would be livid if as a guest I didn’t have a direct line to speak to customer service or if my host just suddenly decided to cancel on me and I’m left scrambling to find last minute accommodations. I’m worried this is preventing new guests from trying Airbnb. As a grad student I’m relying on this income to pay for at least 2 more years of school! I’m already concerned that this winter will be even harder to fill than last winter.

And just as a side note, who is this JL Rich character who likes to answer on Airbnb’s behalf all the time, defending the company whole heartedly? It’s weird and off-putting!

I’m not worried. Why? People are motivated to complain much more than they are motivated to praise. Look at this forum. People have a problem or complaint and they look for a way to voice it. They create a profile-- they post sometimes on multiple threads trying to “warn” us about ABB-- they disappear. When I’m upset with a product or seller on ebay or Amazon I always review with my complaint. If it’s fine, I don’t. Also most people don’t check the facebook page before they book. For every person turned off by ABB there is another person just now discovering it. If it is slow I think it’s because of competition. There are more hosts, not fewer guests. As for depending on the income, I feel for you. Every time someone here posts that they are dependent on ABB, I cringe.


Yeah, mildly, that’s why I’m also listed on other sites. So far only getting enquires from Airbnb and most of them are first timers…

Hey!! Thanks for the information and sites.

I travel for 6 years with Airbnb and not once I waited more than 10 minutes for my call to be answered

I have also found, as a host, that their customer service is fantastic.


Life is good…

I’m sure that @KKC means that she cringes on their behalf. And I’m not surprised. What if Airbnb closed tomorrow? If people have a back-up plan, fine. But like @KKC I feel for people who have all their eggs in the Airbnb basket.

Is it just me or has their been a real increase in name-calling round here recently?


I doubt anyone actually wants all their eggs in the Airbnb basket. But some of us have not yet got around to distributing our eggs. And/or haven’t decided in which baskets to put them. Or can’t find any suitable baskets. Basically, there aren’t a lot of egg-worthy baskets lying around.

CLARIFICATION: When I wrote this, I thought that @jaquo was talking about having all ones rental income in one basket i.e. Airbnb. Now I realise she was might have been talking about all income. I.e. depending on Airbnb rental income for all your income. Which is even worse, of course.


I think most people by necessity put all their eggs into whatever job basket they have. We’re totally dependent on my husband’s job. Is that wrong?

But I do get the “cringe” feeling when people say they’re dependent on Air income. It’s great for side income or supplementation, but at any time someone/thing could destroy your livelihood by breaking something, a lawsuit, seasonality, etc. Even having other listing options when you’re dealing with rentals as income is risky. As a long-term landlord as well, you have to have plenty of savings/insurance in place or you’re truly risking your livelihood.

Air was very timely for my family as with moving we had no idea what to expect and our extra income helped cover our $650 electric bill and the pool pump dying. Without Air, I wouldn’t have been able to get through that without debt. So in just a few short months I’ve become “dependent” on it, but I have plenty of other options to get through if I have bad months or I get regulated out of business.

And yeah, the immediate jumping to name-calling or assuming the worst in someone’s comment is sad. It’s hard to convey emotion and sarcasm in written text people, please don’t assume the worst in people.


I have only had to even call Airbnb once because of a guest needing to cancel due to a family emergency. There was almost no wait time (I called in the middle of the day), and they were extremely professional, understanding, and went out of their way to help me resolve the issue, and followed up by email as promised.

Now that you explain it that way I see. Pardon my stern comments :blush: Thanks for everyone’s comments regarding this issue. …I’ll never learn to step away from the computer and take a deep breath during cocktail hour, so everyone please feel free to tell me to shut up when I forget. :o