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Anyone else unable to log into Airbnb site?

I have been trying to log in for over an hour. The message I get is the “site cannot be reached.”

I can? … Try closing your browser, reopening or close tab and refreshing the page.

Thanks. I am going to restart my computer then. I can email, access this site just fine, etc. but every time I refresh I can’t access. Will update.

@cabinhost, have you tried a different browser? Always test things with at least 2 browsers.

It doesn’t work in Internet Explorer either. Just tried. It must be something going on with Windows 7. …not sure.

Can you log in using the app?

Never used an app in my life…

I have Straighttalk and it sucks even with regular conversation and I am in the mountains. I might try to download the app though. How do I do such a thing…lol??

I have Straightalk. Assuming you are on Android go to the Google Play Store and search for Airbnb and download the app. It’s not to bad.If you are not on Android, ignore.

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@cabinhost - talked to an actual AirHuman today - he says everyone is complaining - they just weren’t built for the success they’re having.

Mine’s slow as molasses.


I’m not a windows person…but isn’t explorer an old browser that’s not supported anymore? It,might have a lot.of.security holes. Should you be using it? Faheem?

BTW - I was able to log in this morning. Back in business!

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