Anyone else unable to get their Earnings Report on the Performance pages of the Airbnb site and app?

I’ve been in communication with tech support at Airbnb for several weeks over my inability to view my earnings performance report. I’ve cleared the cache, logged out and back in, deleted the app on my phone, etc. but it continues to come up broken. It’s been going on 15 days or so. Wondering if I’m alone here or if it’s system-wide or regional.

On the Progress pages, or that’s what’s it’s called here in the US? Mine is there. I’m using Chrome on the website.

It’s actually “Performance [NEW]” on the global nav bar in the host side. The sub-menu across the top reads:
Occupancy & Rates; Visibility; Earnings; Ratings; & Opportunities.

Ah. That’s new and I don’t have a view like that. Sorry I can’t help.

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They are probably testing various page layouts and I’m the unlucky one stuck with a broken Earnings page! The rest of the performance info is really helpful… but it does seem like I’m all alone on this one, haven’t seen any other chatter around the web about it. I’ll keep bugging them about this bug and report back anon!

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