Anyone Else Noticed

… the newest unappreciated modification to YOUR listing? Go look at your listing. No more single “head” photo with the text neatly below. Now potential guests see 2 and a little more photos and a huge “book it” block!! The look is ridiculous!!

At first I thought it was a display FUBAR or something. But I just got off the phone with CS, and she told me that it’s a newly released “improvement” – released sometime between 11PM EST last night and 9AM this morning.

Call and complain, folks!! Please. Especially if you’re a Superhost – your voice counts for more in Air’s eyes.

On the app it looks the same as always, a single picture with text, price and number of reviews/SH designation below. On my Chrome incognito search it shows the same way it has for weeks now. Two pictures across the top but everything below is the same. However, I did see the layout you are talking about with a big red BOOK button at the bottom and you can’t see the calendar or the price until you click book. I saw it before yesterday though so they lied to you about when it was released unless they are just referring to your area or time zone or something. I can’t believe they would lie to you. LOL.

You really think so? I’m not going to call because it doesn’t bother me but I also think it’s a waste of time. Last three times I’ve called the SH CSR number I’ve been on hold for 10+ mintues. In the middle of the day, like now.

Just checked my listing - nothing has change here, so far. Western United Sates.

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Same here for me. No change.

It’s been like this for a while for me so I must have been A/B tested for it. I got used to it after a while.

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@KenH - thanks for pointing this out. I’m not a SuperHo, so my voice won’t count for much…:disappointed:

But I did go change the order of the photos once I realized the guest saw the first two at the same time.


I did the same. I wonder if they will change it on the app. The pics would have to be smaller so maybe not. I’m going to stereotype here and guess that your place would get more people booking on the website but I get more booking on the app.

Actually now that you mention it I might change the order of mine as well. I think I have a better photo of the space than the current second photo.

I don’t have a problem with it either. I actually love that the potential guest can see two full photos.

@KKC - I agree with your assessment, and I’m not offended at all about the stereotype!

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I actually like the change