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Anyone else having problems accessing Air web page?


This may be related to the glitch @Yana pointed out earlier, but I’ve been having no luck accessing Air today. I can’t access my calendar (as a host), can’t access my upcoming trips (as a guest), and when I tried to do a search for AirBnb Plus listings in Austin (just for the hell of it. I’m in WI) it reloaded the first page of listings over and over again, even though it says there are 97. Anyone else having issues?


I haven’t had an issue. I’ve been on both the website and app today as I had a woman book and then cancel. I looked on another forum member’s listing and all her dates were blocked this morning and then they went back to normal a few hours later.


For a while, it was painfully slow. Also I had two reservation requests pop in within 60 seconds of one another which maked me FEEL like the system “held” reservation requests then released them when an upgrade was completed.


It’s been horrible all day for me. I keep getting system errors, the kid with the ice cream cone, or just nothing. Guess I’ll call it a day and try again tomorrow.


The app is not showing any of my manually blocked days/synced with booking. Com calendar. But if I log in safari on my phone the days are blocked. Very irritating as I get paranoid they have become unblocked


Looks like I had a reservation come in yesterday, with no notification at all to me. Its for tomorrow night, so I’m glad I checked my calendar (and it seems to be working now) first thing this morning. Its not a huge deal - at least it wasn’t for tonight - but its annoying.


Mine seems to be working fine but the site is still glitchy. I’ve been keeping an eye on another listing in a town a few hours from here as I’m posting to the host in another thread. I’ve looked and seen whole months show blocked and she says she’s not blocked. The days that are showing as available change from one minute to another and she is not making all those changes.

I’ve been looking to make some reservations and it looks okay on my side but who knows what listings are available that I’m not seeing?


Its seems to be sporadic. Yesterday it was doing some crazy things. One reservation that did come thru in the morning originally showed on my calendar as the same guest that booked about a week later. But I had nothing in the conversation thread, so I was skeptical. When I checked again this morning it is NOT the same guest. So glad I held off sending the “thanks for booking with me again” message.

Today it seems to be fine, so far.


I got a reservation on Friday night without a notification. It makes me paranoid when their notifications are glitchy because I do accept same day bookings.


A listing has appeared in my area that belongs in another country!

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