Anyone else have problems with verifying documents?

Hello, I am desperate and need some help /advice if I can get.
I have experience on airbnb that I run around 2years. Until now everything was good and I had no issues with verification or anything else. Month ago I got message that my experience was deactivated and I need to upload documents (insurances, drivers license). I have everything in order, even more than I need and still somehow I get rejected and only told that I dont have valid insurance. I tried to ask them more details but no one is saying anything. Even airbnb help can’t tell me anything specific and they redirect me to their help page which is useless.
I was wondering anyone had similar experience happen to them?

Thank you

It appears the only way to get attention is to complain via social media - have you done that?


Hello, and thank you for reply. No I haven’t done that. Which one I should go to?

Thank you

All - Complain that you are a host with successful business and you are getting no help…they hate bad publicity!

They seem to pay more attention to Twitter because it’s more public.

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You didn’t say where you are. I’ve never had to furnish more than a govt issued ID to AirBnB. Is this something your govt requires that AirBnB do? Or is it some new verification program we haven’t heard about?

Hello, I am from Croatia, small country in Europe. I am doing experience with my boat so I need to have insurance for my boat, insurance for injuries and drivers license by croatian laws. Also thats what I am required to upload on evident(third party site) so they can verify my documents. I did all of that and they are rejecting one document but not sure which one. I even have additional insurances which are not necessary.

But do you have the proper coast guard/yachtmasters license to operate a charter, not just a business license and business and boat insurance? They may be looking for your “6 pack” or equivilent.

thank you for reply! Yes i forgot to mention that as well. I have the required license for driving. I am on waiting period now and hopefully will get resolved

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