Anyone else had a drop in bookings due to website glitches?

Ive been hosting for nearly 2 years, long time superhost but since having to cancel my first and only guest due to a flood recently, bookings have dried up. We’d normally be fully booked, having both long term and last minute bookings. Potential new guests and returning guest have messaged to say they’re having trouble but each time I try to get the issue looked into by airbnb, they keep reiterating that there’s no problem and close the case.
I feel as if I’m being penalised for the one and only, genuine cancellation and am considering using another platform, if anyone could reccomend an alternative…thanks guys x

How have you contacted Airbnb about this?

What kind of trouble are they having? Details, please.

I wouldn’t jump ship over something like this.

If you had to cancel because of a flood (in other words extenuating circumstances) then there should be no reason why this should affect your booking rate. I imagine that there are other reasons.

Thanks for the reply. When I cancelled I went through the cancellation procedure on the site, and although it said there would be a procedure to explain the situation, nothing was available online. Because I was busy dealing with the builders/insurance company etc I didn’t keep on top of it and then had an email saying I’d lost my super host status.
I’ve been in touch with air via telephone each time. Eventually after sending proof of the flodd damage, I’ve had my superhost reinstated but it’s been a silent booking wise pretty much ever since.
Guests have messaged saying that, although I’m on instant book, they cant book as the verification process is not working. Again, I’ve rung airbnb and tried to work through, 3 separate guests who are having this problem. Airbnb has been in contact with the guests but only one has been able to book. I receive emails from airbnb sayiong theyve looked into the problems but always state that the issue is closed as ther eis no problem.
I dont know, I just get the feeling that maybe I’ve been ghosted as this has only been like this since I cancelled…thanks for allowing me to vent

Hi @Ali_Allen,

For future reference, try to get your guest to cancel if you can. If there are problems, he/she/they don’t want to come anyway. You could explain that cancellations penalize you. Though if it is within the period when your cancellation policy says they have to give you money, that could be more tricky. Just a thought.

I know Airbnb has extenuating circumstances policies, but in some circumstances this might be the easier route.

Well I am offering my rooms (two rooms inside the flat in which I live, myself) on four different platforms. While Airbnb are certainly the best (very good customer service, professional web site, usually quick payment) I don’t see any reason not to offer the rooms on Wimdu, Homestay and TripAdvisor, too. As the old saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.