Anyone else getting the 48 hour Run-around? Air Refunds guest who failed to read description in violation of our cancellation policy - they probably didn't read the description either :(

We had a guest cancel his xmas reservation last minute because he says he is deathly allergic to dogs. We allow dogs and say that clearly in the description. We also say that " if you’re super allergic to dogs this place might not work for you". When I did my year end accounting and saw that we were not paid at all for this booking I called customer service and got the "we’ll look into into it and will get back to you in 24-48 hours. 48 hours come and go, I never get a response, eventually I get an email to rate the service I got! What service? I would consider this a simple oversight, but the last customer service issue I had, they played this little game several times, until I took the issue to social media thanks to the advice from this awesome forum. I made another call to customer service today but am not holding my breath. I’m curious if anyone else is getting stalled like this? I am a super host and have been hosting for many years. Most of the time I just suck it up as I have found air to be very guest friendly and not giving a crap about hosts, but is is getting a little frustrating and quite frankly cost prohibitive as I have another job that pays by the hour.

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It’s increasingly that way no doubt about it. Hiding photos of potential guests, using the “Plus” platform to obscure or eliminate rules and restrictions that hosts want guests to know of before they book, taking a harder line on forcing guests to compensate for damages, bait and switch on the “insurance” guarantee, moving away from pure hosting to “experiences” and "restaurants. " The writing’s on the wall.

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I’ll be curious to see how this goes for you.

They seem so biased by whomever calls first. If the guest called with a sob story about allergies they probably refunded them under Extenuating Circumstances. I’m afraid that if you were to call in and show that the information was clearly stated in your listing that agent will probably be sympathetic but unable to reverse the earlier decision.

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I haven’t heard of the “plus” platform?

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This may be naive on my part, but isn’t it my right to enforce my cancellation policy, which is strict?
And if air refunds a guest by mistake for whatever reasons, shouldn’t they eat it not me?

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I think the way for hosts to deal is to find other ways to get bookings. I wonder if with a great forum like this, if there is a way for us to rallye together and come up with an alternate platform by hosts for hosts?

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Yes, it ought to be your right. But that’s not how Airbnb works. Extenuating circumstances trumps your cancellation policy and there’s no transparency to the documentation provided. Once they consider a case closed it’s hard to get anyone to talk to you. Even if you’re right and can point to how their policies aren’t consistent with their decision.

I think you just have to keep in the back of your head that no Airbnb income is guaranteed and that they will sometimes decide things very unfairly. About 5% of my Airbnb income is lost each year to EC. If it goes above 10% I’ll probably find another platform or quit hosting altogether.

They really just need to offer travel insurance rather than taking money out of hosts’ pockets.


Yes, there is another way and that site already exists. It is called Houfy. But to be honest, many owners are too lazy to even import their listings from ABB, VRBO. They expect immediate results and would rather complain than taking any initiative whatsover, rather than be patient with any new site needs to take time to grow. And I was not at all saying you wouldn’t be willing to do that…only saying that many owners complain but refuse to take any initiative. It takes seconds to import your listing into this site that is free until bookings start to produce. All is direct bookings, no service fees to guests. Square and Stripe are already integrated. More payment options are coming. No silly extenuating circumstances…etc.

Try it. Import your listing and then join the Say Yes to Houfy Facebook group for more details, suggestions, feedback, etc. The owner of the site is one of us. You can sync calendars, reviews and much more. I cannot state enough good things about the owner of the site!


Wow - thank you - I’m uploading now - nice to know it’s a fellow host. I am willing to put in the time. I think anyone who values hosts more than airbnb should be very successful in the long run.


Is this international?
Im in Australia

When Airbnb gives a refund against my rules I respectfully write to them and provide links to their own website rules. I let their phone calls go into voicemail so they are forced to respond in writing. I keep escalating. I have always been paid but not always without having to spend my own time getting the money. (I too have not that while no pets live in the suite, they live below and that it is not suitable to those with server pet allergies.)

Yes, it is international.

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for you - yes :slight_smile: - we are in Colorado

Thank you Lynick4442 - you always give the best advice.

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Much to my delight, shock and awe, airbnb has decided to do the right thing. I did have to go around several times and remind them that they too - not just the guest - needed to read the description to resolve this and they have issued the payout. Like Lynick4442 said - it does take a lot of extra time to resolve issues, but that I guess is part of the cost of doing business. I appreciate all your responses and support. It is very nice to not be alone in this.