Anyone else get this message on their dashboard?

You’ve been selected to create a personalized profile page that will showcase your listings and make it easier for guests to view and book them.

I got this message on my Airbnb Dashboard page. I followed the link and it took me to a page that said this at the top: Create a business profile page. Make a custom page that highlights your homes and makes it easy for guests to find your listings.

From there you can upload a custom banner type photo or choose one of a dozen or so that they have that gives an idea of what your place has to offer. Think beaches, winter scenes, that sort of thing. I chose one of theirs and the only thing left to do was click the “Publish” button, which I did. But I don’t see that it did anything, nothing is different about my listing.

Has anyone else seen this, or had it actually appear to do anything?

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No, but I would like to!

I rarely go to the dashboard. Just looked. Nope.

I haven’t had a chance to go to my dashboard, but I heard in a different forum that everyone has access to it, under “Manage Listings”… I think… if I successfully find it and publish it, I’ll let you know!

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There it is… they are calling this a business profile. The use of the word “homes” leads me to believe that this is for people will multiple listings. I will look forward to hearing from someone who fills this out. What will the results be?

Yes, I just saw this. I’m going to fill it out to see what happens. To me, it seems to be business listings only.

Okay, I just did. And all it asked me to do was upload a header image. I uploaded the one that we have on the regular listing.

Now we seem to have another listing which is this.

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So, that led me to search for your place the old fashioned way– by map. When I click on your listing I get the old style of listing.

However, at the top of my search results list, I now have three tabs: For You, Homes, Experiences.


Very good to know - thank you!

Reviews on the resulting page are once again, in chronological order. And there is a direct link for social media.

Yeah, I didn’t have that pop up so I entered it by hand in the address bar, and was told I didn’t have permission.

But my place is not business ready, so I’m assuming that’s why I’m not getting access to it.

I am not business ready either… and don’t want to be. Try going to Manage Listings, and you should see
"Business Profile page." Our listing aren’t that different, so I expect that it is available to you.

I’m trying to understand or rationalize this development, and especially in light of lawsuits they have been fighting in respect of hosts with multiple listings.
I would understand why a host woukd want to build their own brand and ecosystem and leverage their good reviews and professionalism across all their listings.
But hard to understand why airbnb would want to facilitate this given the legal experiences they have been having?
Oh well…

Wow your property is simply stunning. Wow!!!

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This new feature doesn’t appear to be just for hosts with multiple listings. I could be wrong, but I believe several of the hosts who’ve chimed in here only have one.

Technically, I have 3, but it’s just one listing each for 2 different bedrooms in my home, plus a 3rd listing that combines the 2 bedrooms to accommodate a family.

Thanks to your post @jaquo, I finally figured out that something did happen when I clicked the publish button. I too now have a new listing page with the direct links to social media.


I honestly spent 15 minutes on this last night - while I get the for you/ homes/ experiences tabs when I go to the home screen (and have for 2 weeks), when I go to Manage Listings I do not (yet) get a Business Profile option.

On a different forum, they suggested the work around of entering your unique ID in the address bar, ("…all you need to do is go to your browser bar and enter this URL:

where xxyyzz is the unique user number for any given Airbnb user. So even if you dont’ have hte link on your dashboard, if you just enter the above link, inserting your own Airbnb user #, it should take you to your own page.")

But when I tried that I got a “you don’t have access to this” … I tried again without the baby on my lap and got the same result, so… curious what results others get.

The ID on my new ‘page’ is 49994530 but the listing number is 9676084.