Anyone else get an email for the "Host Capital Program?"

I’m not interested and it’s supposedly limited to 200 hosts by the end of January.

Interesting. AirBnB is getting into the loan business now?

Wow no haven’t seen it. A 3% fixed cost over the loan period - wonder how they can offer loans at that.

Probably with all the guest funds they hero in the bank earning interest for long periods :frowning:

They are partnering with another company, here’s the link. I think I might be part of a test group since they are saying just 200 will be accepted for now.

To apply you have to give them access to your Airbnb, your bank where you send your Airbnb deposits, and they check your personal and credit history. I decided to go ahead down the rabbit hole. Once I got to the connect to your bank step It was taking a long time. It wanted to send an authorization code to my cell phone but after waiting several minutes I got impatient and closed that window. I’m not the most paranoid about privacy but I was doing this mostly out of curiosity. So no need to further throw my information out into cyberspace.

If it’s legit and works it seems like a good way for cash flow limited hosts to get some funds leveraging their Airbnb income which if I understand correctly from posts here, traditional lenders look askance at.

I received it as well, although mine is worded differently. I found it odd.

Hi Jane,

We’re thrilled to share our Host Capital* program with you. We designed the program to provide hosts like you with funds to invest in amenities that can help you earn more on Airbnb.

How you use the host advance to enhance your hosting business is up to you. Whether it’s upgrading your listing with stylish décor, a plush sofa bed, or even a kitchen remodel, Host Capital can help you achieve your goals.

Part of the testing program. They are seeing which wording gets hosts to click on it.

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It’s called split-testing in the marketing world :slight_smile:

I received and ignored.


How do you know it’s even for real??

There’s a link on my Airbnb host dashboard.


I didn’t click until I read your post, lol
However, I found the concept itself odd. Guess there are hosts that rely on a certain bottom line from Air, I would be afraid to stack bills against it.

Oh absolutely. I’m at the stage of life where I try not to buy anything until I can pay for it without borrowing but most folks are not in that situation. I guess kudos to Airbnb for looking for every advantage.

Oh, LOL. I guess that would make it legit!!

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I dunno….Air is transitory, no matter your location. Definitely risky

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I received it as well. I am not interested as I do not want to be in debt to Airbnb.

Now if they would use their resources to offer trip insurance to guests, that would be amazing!


How much are they willing to loan, and for how long? I need about $20,000 to install 100,000 BTU worth of heat pumps. If the interest is only 3% I’d go for it!

It’s only for those in the pilot who have received and email from them, so if you haven’t received it then you want be able to apply :slight_smile:

The stuff I was able to see said 50,000 but if it said how long I didn’t notice.

I was not able to complete the process online and I sent an email saying I wasn’t getting an authorization code I needed sent to me. I got a reply saying I would have to call in with my bank info and that’s when I ended the process. It was presented as “know within 10-15 minutes if you qualify and for how much” but unsurprisingly, that was not true.