Anyone dramatically increased their minimum stay?

And did it turn out good or bad? Less maintenance I suppose.

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I do in advance, 5 days. No reason to get a short stay to mess up your calendar.

I’ll move it back to 2 days to fill gaps 30 days out.

A little more brain damage to keep track of your min stay settings, but works for me.


that’s really good planning, duly noted


In my case, based on how far in the future a week is, the minimum is bigger. As I get closer to a vacant period, its minimum will start to decrease. This really helps maximize bookings and minimize gaps.


Excellent advice, thank you

I listed with VRBO this year and get much longer bookings (5-17 days) but the problem is that my utilities skyrocket with these guests. Average tourists book 3-4 nights and they’re out the door by 9am and sightseeing all day. Longer term guests are living in the unit and the AC use is out of control during the Summer, and when they cook (rare with my average AirBNB guest), the small apt heats up and the AC is on even more.

I haven’t crunched my numbers but even with a higher nightly rate and higher minimum night stay, I thought I made a bit more this year. That will likely change after I factor in the higher utility bill and I’m leaning towards going back to more frequent turn-overs.


After a year of hosting, we set up another listing and decided we didn’t want the drama of daily guests where we stay.
So we set up a 7 day minimum.
Bookings dropped off dramatically which we anticipated.
Given the way. Our. Discount ts are set up, we now target month long stays in that unit, and are happy with a month long guest every 2 or 3 months, as we focus on the other listing

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