Anyone came across a cancellation?

$93 CAD x 30 Nights $2791 CAD
Cleaning Fees $60 CAD
Guest Pays $2851 CAD
Airbnb Fees -$85 CAD
You earn $2766 CAD
On the day after your guest checks in, the payment method you supplied will be credited. For details, see your transaction history.
How much should I pay the guest?

Phuabc123 requested $2189 USD on Sep 19, 2015

We will deduct from your future payout upon accepting

Pay $2189 USDDecline

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You can offer up to 2189 USD. The Airbnb service fees are non-refundable, and will not be included.

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Sorry for the mess up, I like to pay you cash not charge on the card.

The guest request 2189 usd should I accept?

The guest wants to skip Airbnb and pay you cash. It will be a cash transaction, and it is not official.
But this whole thing is confusing. Whatdo you mean how much you have to pay a guest??

I don’t understand any of this.
But run all transactions through AirBnB - not worth the risk of being booted from the system by bypassing them.
Secondly, if anyone is to cancel, let the guest do he canceling.
You can send them a special offer with lower rate on different terms if you want (so they don’t suffer the lost airbnb fees, which I presume means you will take that hit), and that way, if they pull out and don’t take up he counter offer, you don’t lose out!