Anybody else having trouble reaching Airbnb customer service?

I need to reach Airbnb CS by phone and the call repeatedly (like 12 times over 2 days) has failed/hung up on me before I reach a customer service agent. Has anybody else had this problem? Any other suggested ways of reaching someone?

What number are you using?

Have you tried sending a message via the app. In less is it urgent, I never call. I want all of my conversations documented.

I have tried two numbers - 415-800-5959 and 855-424-7262

Yes, just tried that and got through that way. Thanks. I still don’t like that CS keeps dropping my call. But at least I got my question answered for now.


Are your calls going through and then disconnecting, or are they not going through at all? Have you tried dialing +1 before those numbers?

They go through to Airbnb. Airbnb then sends me a link to verify my number which I immediately click - but it always tells me that time has run out. That has happened before so I just wait it out and press the series of numbers that eventually gets me to an agent. However this time, after giving me the first option - press one if you are calling about xyz or press 2 for everything else, I press 2 then get disconnected - sometimes immediately, sometimes after another 20 seconds or so.

I’ve heard plenty of hosts here saying that the team on Twitter responds well. Try sending them a DM.

Ah that’s an issue with your phone I had the same when I upgraded my iPhone .

I had to do something on my settings but can’t remember what it was I’m afraid .

@ jaquo
I prefer sending a
Message via Twitter @airbnbhelp
By Twitter private message. All written so history available

Here are a couple of other numbers I have:
888-326-5753 and 844-234-2500

thanks for the tip! I just upgraded my phone so that makes sense.