Any writers here?

I’m looking for a writer to write some Airbnb related content. If you have experience with writing articles, please get in touch!

What are the rates?



What payment are you offering? Writer retains copyright?

Do tell – that and more. Exactly what are you looking for? A ghost writer? An editor? Several of us here have, or have had extensive careers as writers of articles, books, marketing materials and more.

We’re looking for a writer or two to contribute ~3 articles per week (~500 words). You can build your personal brand with your own author box / byline.

If this time commitment might be a fit for you, feel free to reach out directly and I can share more information regarding payment.

Can’t afford to pay, but think of… THE EXPOSURE!!! Haha!


Sound legit, right? …

I’m a brand strategist and copywriter. I’ve temporarily stepped back from my writing business to focus on branding our rental properties (instagram, website, collaborations etc.), but I am so neck-deep in airbnb stuff it might be fun to write about it too. You can check out my listings below. I don’t see a way to reach out directly, maybe I’m missing that?


Click on the profile name and then there is a message button.


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I don’t know about writing but the pictures on that cottage listing are to die for. I’d love to stay there.

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My personal brand is a profit center.

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