Any way to prevent checkin/checkout on a specific day of the month?

Hi, I’m trying to optimize my bookings for the holiday and wanted to see if it is possible to prevent check in or check out on a specific day? I just got an inquiry for checking out on 12/31 which means I’ll miss out on getting my increased pricing for the night of 12/31 since I don’t do same day turnovers. Is there a way to not allow checkouts on 12/31 (so I can set the rule for my other room)? I know there’s a way to set rules for length of stay during particular periods and to allow a general “no check in” or “no check out” on certain days of the week (I.e. no Tuesdays), but I don’t want such a general rule that will restrict other weeks.

Just block that day?

block the dates you dont want.

You can set a rule for no check-out on 12/31 by setting a “no check-out on Tuesday” but only for 12/31 which is a Tuesday but if you only set it for 12/31 then it will only effect that Tuesday.

This is assuming you have professional hosting tools turned on - do you?

Edit to add: Yes, is the answer to your question. I’m happy to help. Please let me know if how I explained it works for you or if you have more questions/would like a screenshot, etc

I don’t get the impression that not having a guest staying NYE is what s/he wants…

It’s not. What she wants is to not have someone check-out on NYE. Which is what I described how to do. She doesn’t want someone checking out on NYE because she’d rather have someone book NYE because it’s a pricier night but she doesn’t do back-to-back turnovers.

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Sorry I was not responding to you but to those that suggested blocking NYE: @Debthecat & @adrienne12.

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What @JJD described is precisely what she needs…

This calendar ability is VERY powerful if you can get your arms around it. It allows ways of setting rules that work around OUR schedules, and gives very specific parameters instead of just blocking out certain dates, which provides us more income. Worthwhile taking the time to read up on it…


@Militaryhorsegal Yes, you are correct, that I want to have 12/31 booked, so the ideal booking would include 12/31-1/2 since I have higher rates for 12/31 and 1/1.

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@JJD Thank you JJD. Before your suggestion, I was looking under the Availability tab, where you can only choose the day of the week and it applies to all Tuesdays in the year. I do have professional hosting tools turned on, and it looks like I can create a Rule Set by highlighting 12/31-1/2 and setting the custom check in/check out days for that rule. Is that the correct way to do it?

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I’m not sure what exactly you want other than not having a check-out on the 31st. For that: I would select the from the Wednesday (Dec 25th) that comes before the Tuesday, Dec 31 and go through the 31st (select Dec 25-Dec 31) and set a rule for “No check-out on Tuesdays”. Of course this is depending on how many days prior you have able still to book - e.g. if you’re not available to book until Dec 27th, then select Dec 27-Dec 31 for your “No check-out on Tuesdays” rule.

If you also want a minimum stay, you can add that to the rule too. You can either say 2-day min for the whole time period or you can customize the minimum stay by the day they check-in. This can all be in the same rule.

For example: Dec 25-Dec 31 St, No check-out on Tuesdays, 2-day min checking in on Tuesday, 3-day min checking in on Mon, etc/whatever you’d like and depending on what else is available on your calendar currently.

From what I understand that you want, I don’t think there’s any reason to set the rule past Dec 31st. The way I’m looking at it is: if it’s really about maximizing your income for the 31st, do you really mind if someone books Jan 1-3. Of course if you want a 4-day minimum then, yes, it’s a good idea to include Jan 1-2 but that will definitely depend on the minimum days you want and how many days you have available before and after the 31st.

Sorry, I don’t have those details or I could tell you exactly but hopefully this makes sense. If you want to share the details (what’s the earliest day before the 31st that is available? how many days minimum do you want? and when is the next booked day after the 31st?).