Any user of Lodgify


We are thinking to create an account for my dad with Lodgify.

Anyone that use it?. If yes what do you think of it?

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Never heard of it. But that’s just me.

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Not a Lodgify user but I would suggest you check out Capterra which is often a good source of reviews for services like Lodgify.

Just be aware that sometimes companies will provide discounts for users that provide good reviews (not accusing Lodgify of this – just saying it happens)

Thanks for the advice, I didn’t know Capterra

We have used Lodgify for a year. I strongly recommend against it for the following reasons: 1. The ability to sync our various listing (airbnb, vrbo, etc.) from a single platform was one of the things that attracted us to their service. However, any time we have a cancellation, it creates a loop that won’t unblock the listing so we have to go in and manually sync and unsync every listing to get it corrected. If we forget or don’t do it quickly enough, we lose bookings.
2. The website platform is very limited - basic at best. This would be forgivable if lodgify itself generated additional traffic, but it doesn’t. You can create a better website for your business pretty much anywhere else.
3. Getting a payout is a huge headache. They will only disburse payments >$1000 and their website is not intuitive to navigate. It has taken use >6 months to get a payout (this is the only reason we used them so long).
4. Their customer service is abysmal. While they have responded to every inquiry, they don’t list their phone number (chat or email only), and the responses we have gotten have been in effect “try this and wait a month”.


I am trialing Lodgify at the moment, Oct 2022. I can state that there is no phone support, (Spain based). Took over 24 hrs to get a response as to why I could not get my domain and Lodgify website to communicate. Lodgify’s tech docs (How to configure your domain) ARE OUTDATED.

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