Any tips on how to get red hair dye out of pillow cases?

Normally I would bleach it out but I used light green sheets this time. The pillowcases are soaking in Oxy but I thought that was better for protein stains, this seems quite different?

Oh man. You are giving me flashbacks to my early twenties when my boyfriend cheated on me when I went away with a girl with henna in her hair - in my bed. That red hair dye on the pillowcases was the giveaway. Ew.

As far as how to remove the stains, the most I can find on it says you should first wash with regular detergent and warm water, rinse, and if there is dye left, use rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth to blot, and rinse, and anything left after that, you put in another wash with your detergent and a bit of ammonia. Be very careful using ammonia on anything that you have already used bleach on though! (Harmful gases!). All the best! personally, if it’s bad, I photograph it first, just in case they are totally ruined. We are not hotels, and our bedding cant be cheaply replaced. This woman would have known her hair dye bleeds. She should have put something down to protect your linens. If I couldn’t get it out, I would ask for damages - depending on the situation. This is not your usual wear and tear or regular little stain type situation. This is careless unnecessary damage. Of course, weigh it against how you felt about the guests, how expensive or not the set of linens were…

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@chicagohost There’s a stain remover that looks generic called Gonzo Stain Remover. OMG THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. You can find it at hardware stores or order it directly from Amazon.

Try that and Oxyclean; soak overnight and wash.

Your alternative can be to re-dye the set. Or just donate them out.

Ehhh…throw these out and buy cheap Ikea: it’s just not worth it. We found this out after a very nice but heavy-scent-using Caribbean lady marked our pillows – impossible to get out, just chuck 'em and write it off.

Ammonia can do the job, but don’t get it anywhere near bleach… (Dilute to 1/16th in water.)

I just read this after a couple from the Caribbean checked out, SIGH! I had a nice new yellow blanket on our king-size bed that now has large purple mascara stains and the other situation mentioned by you–wonder if I should take it to a commercial cleaning company!

I am in Florida, we have central A/C and heating it always amazes me that I even need to put a blanket on the bed. Some guests from the northeastern states have even asked for a second blanket.

Next trip will also be to Home Depot to pick up some Gonzo Stain Remover.

It is GREAT to have this resource to be able to look up how to fix these problems!