Any tips for a new host in Florida?


I will be traveling for a month and I am wondering if there are any suggestions for a new host? I have read a few other discussions and I have automated locks with the ability to change codes from my phone, Nest thermostats, surveillance cameras on the exterior.

What is typically expected to be stocked in the kitchen and bathrooms?

Any other tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

I suggest that you host awhile before leaving for travel. Problems can arise that you aren’t going to have experience dealing with and which will be hard to fix remotely. Unless you are hiring a professional to run the operation in your absence it’s a risk I wouldn’t take. A few bad reviews or having to refund guests because of problems might put you off Airbnb permanently.


WHERE are you in Florida?
WHAT are you renting? Room, whole house/apartment, detached cabin?
WHO is going to change the linen and clean the place while you are gone?
What is your LISTING?:
Do you normally live in the space yourself?
Travelling now, or will you be gone during Hurricane Season?

You asked: “What is typically expected to be stocked in the kitchen and bathrooms?”

These are all questions you should have been asking and getting answers to as you got your place ready to rent; before you posted your listing.

What do YOU expect to be there when you rent some place?

In the Bathroom, most of us supply toilet paper, large or travel bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and soap of some kind. Some of us have air freshener, mosquito repellent, sun screen, sunburn pain reliever and other ‘ammenities’.

In the kitchen I would only supply 1 large skillet, a small and medium pot, pancake flipper, tongs, sharp chef’s knife, sharp 6" general purpose knife, box grater, collander, pot holders or gloves, and silverware/plates/ saucers/bowls and mugs or cups. I would supply salt and pepper, a bottle of generic Italian Seasoning, a bottle of Old Bay Seasoning, a bottle of Taco Seasoning, a bottle of Tabasco pepper sauce, and packets of sugar. If they can’t cook gourmet food with that, they probably shouldn’t be cooking, anyway!


Thanks for the suggestions I will ensure the items you listed are stocked.

Jacksonville, FL. Its gonna be the entire house. I am storing my bed and I purchased beds for the other rooms I usually use as an office and a gym. Entire house has been recently renovated, new furniture, new kitchen, floors etc. This is usually the space I live in, but I removed all of my personal items. I have someone that will clean between guest.

No olive oil?..

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Who is going to take care of everything else? Who is going to take care of contacting airbnb with pictures and estimates if things get damaged? When someone smokes in your house, puts a burn in your new upholstery and drags their suitcase across your new floor leaving scratches those things have to be documented and reported before the next guest checks in.

I have always wondered how that works. Is someone smokes in the house, how do you determine what the charge is? Is there a company you would call for the clean up?

How do you determine the charges for things such as scratches wooden floor, or dented appliances or even holes in the furniture?

I’ve never had a claim as I live on site. Perhaps one of the hosts who has made a claim will chime in.

Wellll… Only if it’s the high priced EVOO from 150 year old trees! Let them bring their own oil/butter/magarine:innocent:

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YOU do the work, and the legwork!
You are the one who has to determine whether damage has been done and how serious it is.
You are the one who has to develop an list of “damage control experts” that you can call, who will respond quickly.
You are the one who has to determine values of things, from a fork to the Picasso above your mantelpiece.
You are the one who has to contact AirBnb within 24 hours with photos showing damage and estimates of repair/replacement.

It’s a good idea to have detailed photos of things like furniture so that the lack of scratches/burn holes/broken parts is obvious. Then you take photos showing the damaged areas. The occasional scratch is not a big deal, the notches carved in the table edge by a Bowie knife are actionable!

You really need to read and absorb a lot more about AirBnb before you activate your rental and then go off and leave everything to others.

Sorry but I have to agree with @KenH

Airbnb’s promotional material promotes the idea that ‘anyone can host’. This is simply not the case. Hosting is a hard job and needs personal attention.

Renting on Airbnb is completely different.

See this link, it might help.

Back to the tips. I have a 3 bedroom house I am supplying 6 towels and 6 extra in the linen closet as well as an extra linen for every bed.

Anyone care to share any experiences of guest requesting anything more than the basics?

I have booked a few stays on AirBNB and I have never needed the host for anything other than the wifi password.

Omg!!! I was just about to add olive oil!!!