Any suggestions for waterproof mattress cover

I have mattress protectors on both beds but they are cloth material and add softness to the bed…I don’t know if I am using the correct term of “mattress protector” - but they came with the beds I inherited.

But I need to get something on the bed that protects the mattress in case someone pees in the bed. I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I have been putting this off for years now because every time I start searching I really don’t know what to buy.

What I don’t want is something that sounds like you’re sleeping on rubber - I don’t want guests to even feel it is there. BOTH beds have pillow top mattresses so I don’t know if that will affect the size. I do know that regular size sheets will not fit on the beds, and I always have to purchase deep pocket sheets.

Any recommendation please? Or can you post a link (maybe from Amazon) of what I need. I really just want to get it purchased today.


There are some medical things called piques sold at Amazon and Sears. I have the body sized ones for an incontinent cat. They are flannel and very soft and absorbent and no way would you know you were sleeping on something waterproof. I am going to use them for my single beds, under the sheets, after my old cat goes to meet her maker. They are bleachable and so the odor does not stay. I think they are nuclear proof. They are designed for incontinent humans.

Hi Cabinhost
I have probably gone over the top but being a new bed I wanted to ensure it kinda stays that way.

I have 3 protectors on the mattress

1 cotton bed bug protector
2 waterproof fitted protector
3 a standard cotton protector which comes off each time for a wash.

I wash 1 and 2 every now and again.

I have had over 35 guests now and the mattress is still in perfect condition.

Go online and have a look at their products:

Are the bed bug protectors legit? The bugs can hang out in furniture and carpet so I’m concerned its a waste

Just search water proof mattress cover on Amazon. The back is plastice and the top cotton. Pee? Think sperm.


I am hoping sperm just stays on the sheets. Maybe I have only been with abnormal men if you are saying some manage to soak their sperm all over the mattress…through sheets and the thick cotton mattress pad cover I already have…phew!

Any specific recommendations based on your personal experience? I have already searched and searched but would like to get something someone can assure me doesn’t sound like rubber when someone is tossing and turning.

I think so, dont have carpet only tiles plus I spray eucalyptus on the bed and under it just to be sure.

I bought the one on Amazon and it is a very thin soft material. No squeeks and no complaints.

specific details? I was looking for specific recommendations from fellow hosts. Thanks

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Reeny;…any link you can share for a specific recommendation? Thanks

I use Ikea’s Gokart mattress protectors and I like them. Cheap, waterproof, comfortable.

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I got adult mattress protectors from Sears online. They are flannel and waterproof and very easy to wash. You can bleach them too. I also bought my mattress covers from them, also online. They tend to have good quality bedding.

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I use the bed, bug covers from Bed, Bath and Beyond:

And a cotton cover over it… which I bought at Target

I got these great mattress covers from Amazon. They are pretty inexpensive ($39 for Queen), and have a terrycloth like surface. They don’t feel like plastic at all, but yet they seem to do the job. They are also supposed to control dustmites/allergens, etc.

We just had a guest leave who must have started her period. It was on the cover, but did not get on the mattress! Yay. We haven’t had it tested with urine, etc., yet though. Keeping fingers crossed.

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Do you have a link to these piques things, for example on Amazon? Thanks.

Does anyone notice if waterproof mattress pads make the bed uncomfortably warm since they don’t breathe? Or does it not impact the sleeping experience at all?

I have used this one for two years with no problems or complaints. I found many mattress covers make a crunching noise, but this one seems to be good. It is a must have item for me - takes out a bit of the ickiness factor.


I use this as well I highly recommend this product. I have put one on my bed as well since I have an elderly chi and need the protection. I find it personally very comfortable.

Never thought about mattress protectors before until I had one couple that used all 4 beds in 2 days. He said that he couldn’t resist as they were all beautiful. He and the major babe seemed sorrowful to have used all the beds and made us more work to clean but I understood as I was young once.

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So, my take on this - if anyone is still interested - is that there’s really no cover that will protect against bed bugs because they will be in carpeting, bedding, and in the frame - the cover is just to protect the mattress from stains - yes?