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Any San Francisco private room hosts available for feedback? Will share a gift card!


San Francisco-based entrepreneur here.

I’m exploring ideas in the STR space for my next company. Specifically, I think I have a few ways to increase utilization and differentiate your property. If you’re a host and willing to chat with me for half an hour, I’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card after the call (first three takers only, I’ll let you know beforehand if you made the cutoff)

Just shoot me an email to anvisha@swap.space with:

  1. a link to your listing
  2. your availability next week
  3. your phone number



Hi @Anvisha_Pai

I think if you want hosts to help you by providing valuable insight for your market research you should be looking to pay/reward them for their time not just offering this for the first three hosts (if you get that many willing to give you half an hour of their time ).

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